Monday, November 27, 2006

27 November 2006, Where have I been? Right here. We've had a gag order in effect for the last couple of days due to the death of a soldier who has ties to Camp Phoenix. He was down range. With the world of communications as it is today, the powers that be shut them down so that they have time to inform the family before they find out from somebody else.
I spoke with MAJ G and SFC J today, they still want me to join them on the tour of the country training police officers here. As much as I would like to....there are several forces keeping me from doing that. They sound good and from all accounts are doing fine. It would be the kind of job I could come home and say I did something substantial. I, of course, know that my job here is just as important, and I get all the excitement I could want from my job back home. But if you've been to a zoo, you know the animals would like to get out of the cage every now and then.
We had an official weigh-in again this morning. To my surprise, I came in at 238 lbs. My tape for body fat was .40 more than I wanted it to be, but that just means I need to work harder and now the Army is going to see to it that I do. I will take this opportunity to stop talking to avoid any repercussions.
I made two trips outside the wire today, a record for this deployment. Our first stop was to visit the new Chief of Police for the district we are in. He has been a police officer for 24 years and appears to be very sharp. We discussed various topics as to how we can make Kabul a safer place and support each other. My second meeting was to ISAF with a collective of nations that represent my field.
The family back home had a good holiday week and everyone got along. Things here have been good here and there's not much I can complain about, so I won't. Thank you to everyone who liked my poem from 22 November. I actually have been writing some, but most are forced and the decent ones often rhyme with popular ones that everyone else already know.
Be safe and have a good day.
Be safe and have a good.


Empress Bee said...

oh gosh please be safe! and here we are thinking oh poor us with noro virus.... makes the world seem so small. don't have much time, we are in guadaloupe in an internet cafe and will be back at sea soon. charlie is seated next to a retired general at dinner each night, you know he is loving that! anything you want us to ask him? miss y'all....bee and the sarge

Sarge Charlie said...

Hi sarge

I weep for you and the family of the soldier lost. God rest his sole.

You be safe my friend,


MrsDub said...

I really wish you'd keep your bottom inside the gate. You've got all the comforts of home in your room(except for me nagging you), so there's no need to go sightseeing. Congratulations on your weigh-in -- it's better than gaining. I can't believe they scheduled that right after Thanksgiving! Leave it to the military to be that smart! Love you and Miss you!