Sunday, September 09, 2007

09 September 2007. It's been a good weekend. The Culligan Man came out and fixed the plumbing on Friday, around 1030 that morning. I took the day off and relaxed. I picked Miss Dub up after school took her shopping for pajama's and a new toilet. The old toilet was still leaking so we decided to just replace it. Miss Dub went to a pajama party Friday night at the church.
Saturday I was back at work but it was a nice day and we managed to listen to the Oklahoma Sooner's game on the radio in between calls. Later that evening my Oklahoma State Cowboys wrapped up a wonderful evening with another win over a Florida team, sorry Empress Bee and Sarge Charlie.
Today was another good day at work. Then around 3 this afternoon, we encountered a man who had been diagnosed with mental health issues and also decided to get a meth fix. Well, it didn't fix anything. The car he was riding in swerved across the road and hit a large curb when he frightened his girlfriend who was driving. He became paranoid that everyone was trying to kill him and that we weren't the real police. Look, here's my badge, here's my name plate. I have the pretty black and white car. Well, I finally talked him into the backseat.....of my partner's car. Every time Sgt G wanted to get out of the car to talk "Mike" was thinking we were going to blow the car up with him in it. At one point, Sgt G got out of the car and I told him, "on the count of three, we both run from the car". Of course, we didn't do this, "Mike" was prepared to kick out the window and I had stopped him 3 times from doing just that. We finally managed to get him to the crisis center where they wouldn't take him until he went to the regular hospital first to get cleared medically. We had to call for a second shift officer to finish things up as it was time for us to be off the clock. Overtime is a dirty word in the department unless you can justify it.
We had another wonderful dinner at home that Mrs. Dub prepared, chicken and mushrooms over orzo pasta. She's been working on her cooking, Robin Miller, Rachael Ray and Sandra Lee are helping. We brought up the fact that I haven't had a hamburger helper in 3 months.
Questions about my rifle. It's a DPMS AR-15 M4. It's the civilian model in the essence of being a semi-auto one trigger pull, one bullet down-range. I really don't need a 3 round burst or full auto, they're fun to shoot but not practical. I'm hoping to get to the range next week to get the sights adjusted and zeroed.
Well, be safe and have a great day.
Well, be safe and have a great day.


Desert Songbird said...

You wanted us to have a safe day so badly you said it twice. I like that.

So glad to hear that the streets of OKC are safe from meth fiends because of the likes of you.

I'm sure Miss Dub found the shopping trip very exciting. Doesn't every teenage girl want a new toilet?

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hmmm, bought a toilet. bought daughter pajamas... sounds nothing like the afghanistan blog!!! yay!!!

smiles, bee

Wade Huntsinger said...

Sounds like a good day....Boy there are a lot of nuts out there huh

Ron Simpson said...

I am sure you get to go shoot at the police range. That is a bit of jealousy speaking, I have not been to the range in months. I need to get back to regular visits.
As for the meth head, you have waaaaay more patience than I do. I could never do your job.
and I hate-absolutely hate- installing new toilets. I always get that wax on my clothes and it never comes out.

Mel's Mom said...

toilets, pajamas and no hamburger that's the good life (seriously)

Army Mom Times Three said...

Hey Dub! I wanted to let you know that I wore my Sgt. Dub t-shirt to work today. The message is still a great one and it gave the men an excuse to look at my boobs!