Friday, February 15, 2008

21 March 2008, Well, I got called back home to address a potential gas leak in the furnace, I guess crime fighting will have to be put on hold. Sorry for the long intermission between posts, it's crazy out there. I've decided that 12 hours of college was definitely too much, but I made it to spring break, or as I had to inform our professors, spring homework. The idea behind spring break was the word "break", referring to not having to worry and due school work for the entire week. This is especially important when every student in the class is also a full time worker. But our professors felt it was a good time to do outside projects and continue the theme of homework. Remind me to finish college at an early age next time around.
The family is doing great. We took the opportunity this last weekend to go on another short vacation and went to a state park in Southeastern Oklahoma. We spent Sunday hiking a little more than 4 miles up and down three separate mountains. Mrs. Dub was getting tired of me comparing this adventure to my climbing the Gar back in Afghanistan, but I'm the kind of guy if you tell me what bugs you I'll keep doing it for fun.

As you can see, the girls were worn out.


Desert Songbird said...

I love the photo of you and Miss Dub next to the totem - priceless!

So sorry you're being swamped with homework. That's a lot of credit hours to try and take on while working too - think you're Superman or something? Geez, two tours in Afghanistan, and you think you can do it all!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hey dub! what's goin' on??? happy y'all are doing so good...

smiles, bee

Wade Huntsinger said...

Stop your complaining hehe