Sunday, May 31, 2009

31 May 2009,

That's right! We are finally going to take that trip we have been putting off for far too long. As of right now, we are looking at going through Memphis, Birmingham, Savannah, and Charlotte with the return trip either going more north or south to cover a different area. Our objective is to visit several Civil War sites with Fort Sumter being the final most eastern point ( I think the ocean comes next, but I'm not for sure).
If you know a site that we need to see or if you just need us to stop by and say hi, give us a shout. No Wade, I haven't blocked any calls and haven't showed any missed calls either.

Ms. Dub feels this would also be an excellent time for her to get some massive drive time, what do you think? 10 hours behind the wheel as a student driver........yeah, me either.

Let's go over my To-Do List for today..

Slide down a pole at a fire station. Check.
Sit in the shade and surf the net. Check.
Break up domestic calls. Check.

Looks like I'm done for the day, do you think my Lieutenant will still make me stay till 5?


Be safe and have a great day.


Anonymous said...

You can always come through Fort Worth, I think there is a little bit of cowboy history around here. Bring you swimmin trunks the water is nice.

Linda said...

Hit every Civil War site you come across, it definitely gives you a good perspective on what people were willing to sacrifice either for state's rights or the sake of the Union back then.

I've never been to Shiloh or Vicksburg but I hear they are both totally awesome. Go for me and take pictures, okay?

MrsDub said...

We need to get one of those window stickers that reads:
"BACK OFF! STUDENT DRIVER/DAD'S A COP/MOM'S JUST MEAN!" That way, people will stay the heck out of our way.

Desert Songbird said...

Sounds like a great trip. MrsDub has a very smart idea for a window sticker. I think she's onto something.

Wade Huntsinger said...

Cool Bumper Sticker Mrs Dub. You guys are going to come into the south and wonder why you never moved here. Oh yea, and those things that make the road go up and down are called mountains. (hehe) Shoot me dates, we have tons of room for you guys. We go on vacation July 16 through Aug 2nd and will be at the outer banks of NC, Washington DC, New York City and back. Gotta do it for my parents so Mom can see the big statue. Talk later

Wade Huntsinger said...

Waiting for some dates Dub?

MrsDub said...

Wade, it will be this week - Dean said he will call you

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