Tuesday, June 23, 2009

23 June 09, Well, I had intended to update a little more during the vacation, however, once Miss Dub discovered my roaming Internet with my AT&T air card, I have only been able to admire my laptop from a far. I finally have it long enough to try and update ya’ll on where we’ve been.

We left Memphis, Tennessee and drove to and drove to Nashville where we toured the Belle-Meade Plantation. Mrs. Dub loves the old plantation houses, and this one was similar to Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage.

We left Tennessee and went to the Biltmore Estates. A very impressive home except it appears the staff needed 1/2 the house, so I'm not sure why you would need 259 rooms. We then drove to Shelby, North Carolina where we met up with Wade and TC for an early dinner. Our visit was brief as we were trying to get to Charleston, North Carolina that evening. It was good to see them and since they have stopped by Oklahoma twice to see us, we were glad to be able to return the favor.

We arrived in Charleston late and stayed at a very nice hotel that overlooked the Harbor. The hotel overlooked it, not our room, unfortunately.
We walked around the historical part of Charles Towne and then made it across the bridge where we caught a ferry ride to Ft. Sumter. Mrs. Dub is interested in learning and seeing more about the Civil War and we figured, why not start at the beginning.

We then drove that afternoon to Savannah, Georgia. We ate dinner on River Street and took a tour of historic Savannah on a trolley. It’s definitely the way to start and then from there you determine which sites interest you the most. We took our picture here at the Forsyth Park

I better not try for any more photos, be safe and have a great day.


Sarge Charlie said...

I love traveling through America, TC and Wade are a cool couple.

MrsDub said...

I'm ready to go again . . . how soon can you be packed?

Linda said...

Tell Mrs. Dub that I am jealous of your visit to Fort Sumter! Actually, everything looks fantastic and like you're having a great vacation!

Desert Songbird said...

Looks like a great trip. But question for you - isn't Charleston in SOUTH Carolina? I mean, I have a friend from there. Is there ANOTHER Charleston in NORTH Carolina?

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