Wednesday, November 04, 2009

04 November 09,
Well, today was the day. My little baby girl, who used to be cute and adorable turned 16 today. Happy Sweet 16 Miss Dub. As a father, I explained to her many birthdays ago, that it was my responsibility to embarrass her as much as possible, with unconditional love of course.

Last night we took her to our favorite Mexican restaurant where she was serenaded by the employees while standing on a chair wearing a sombrero.

We started her day with attempting to decorate her room this morning while she was sleeping and then woke her up with silly string in bed.
We took her to school and this afternoon when we picked her up we had shoe polished the vehicle and made her drive us home.

While she was at youth church we got the cake ready and at the end of services lit the candles and brought it in. Over all she seemed to have had a good day.

And this last picture is of her and her new "friend". I slipped into the background and decided to call this one "I'm always watching"

Be safe and have a great day.


Sarge Charlie said...

I like that last photo with caption sarge, happy birthday miss dub.

Linda said...

Happy belated birthday, Miss Dub, it looks like it was a wonderful day even with Dad always watching!

Desert Songbird said...

Dean, this post really cracked me up. It had "you" stamped all over it. Miss Dub is so fortunate to have a daddy like you to watch over her. Happy Belated Birthday, Miss Dub!

Wade Huntsinger said...

What a lovely young lady you have....She is so sweet and Tc and i just love her....My little girl is now 25 and 16 seems so long ago. Many blessings to you guys, Wade and TC

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Martin Zavadil said...

Happy birthday! Belatedly :-D

Martin from Czech republic