Thursday, September 07, 2006

07 Sept 2006, part 2 of Where in the World is Sgt Dub. At last report I was in Kuwait. This apparently stumped a lot of people back home. Good. Today's 3 clues are, #1; This state names it's airport after those who died in airplane accidents, #2; this state will be celebrating it's centennial of statehood next year, #3; I'm currently on a 5 acre lot just outside of town. Yep, I'm back in Oklahoma!! I decided to sneak in on the family and spend a little time at home on leave. Nobody, to include Mrs. Dub was the wiser. I landed yesterday in Dallas at 1100 hrs, made a mad dash to the American Airlines counter where they had an earlier flight leaving at 1155 hrs instead of waiting for my flight at 1515 hrs. Simple math shows you I would have been stuck in Dallas for 4 hours. Well, at 1130 I had a plane ticket and was checking in my bag, they wanted me to wait while they scanned it. (Let's keep in mind that the military has already seen to it that I couldn't have sneaked a quarter back without them knowing it) Well, they found something they couldn't identify and I had to unlock my bag. Now, it's 1134 when one of the security guys decides to come talk to me.
TSA: You coming or going?
Me: Just getting in from Afghanistan on leave to see my family.
TSA: What time does your flight leave?
Me: (Looking at my watch) 21 minutes
TSA #2 : We found this Algebra book, ????
Me: Yes, I've avoided it for 22 years now, but am taking a college course in Algebra
TSA: Well, they got your bag now, come with me.
With that, we bypassed the long line at the x-ray machine as he took me to the front of the line and I got through. Then it was a brisk walk through the terminal from one end to the other. I get to the gate, American Airlines then looks at my ticket, (I see my name flashing on the monitor behind her with a message of upgrade) I'm thinking maybe it was just the change of flight. Nope, the lady behind the gate counter mentions I'm at the back of the plane. I told her I had mentioned I would ride in baggage if they could get me on this flight. She says that won't work and upgrades me to 1st class. Thank you American Airlines.
Next, I get to OKC, rent a car, and drive to Mrs. Dub office. Yep, no one still knows I'm here. I arrive at the receptionist desk up front. She of course immediately recognizes me and asks how I'm doing. I tell her fine. She then stops and with a quizzical look on her face, asks, "What are you doing here?" I tell her I'm here to surprise my wife. Well, low and behold, Mrs. Dub is out to lunch. This starts in motion most of her office coming out to see me and phones calls being made to get her back to the office under some other guise. They tell me she's in the parking lot now, they have me sit around the corner at the security desk about midway in the hallway. Mrs. Dub comes in the front door. "You have a package here from Afghanistan" (Mrs. Dub in the background) "My present has finally arrived." She walks around the corner to see most of the staff standing around in the hallway and she looks over at me, freezes in her tracks with astonishment and then ran over to me. It was good. So now all of you know what the heck I have been up to this last week as I tried to make it back home. I have my cell with me so feel free to call, we don't have any big plans. I will be here for 2 weeks before returning back to the stan. Be safe and have a good day. I am.


MrsDub said...

If anyone is looking for me, I will be "BUSY" the next 2 weeks!! Apparently Sgt Dub is getting good at keeping secrets (must be all that military training) -- when I said to "phone home", I never expected a personal visit, but I'M SO GLAD YOU DID!!!!! What a wonderful surprise to have the "Love of My Life" go to so much trouble to see me. Miss Dub is also VERY glad to have her Daddy home! Hope we get to see everyone while he's home. Life is Good, and we are Blessed to have our Hero home!

MOM AT HOME said...

And when I said last week I sure could use a Big Bear Hug I had only the hope, but I got the reality Yesterday Thank you Jesus.

The Sil said...

See, I told you it would be alright! :)

MrsDub said...

Reality Bites! I can't believe our 2 weeks are already gone and so are you :{ -- I would give anything to have you back home with us. Did you realize that 06/16/06 = 16 - do you get it? Love you and Miss you already! Be safe and call when you can.

Anonymous said...

I was very happy to hear your voice at the other end of the cell phone call. I honestly thought I had chucked my marbles when I saw SGT DUB on the screen. I'm glad you had the opportunity to come home (not like last time)enjoy it, hug, kiss your family as much as possible, and have a safe trip home.