Tuesday, August 05, 2008

05 August 08,
Ok, enough about Continental Airlines, even though I got back to Arizona 4 hours late. Mrs. Dub let me buy a Garmin GPS and we used it on our way to Ft. Worth. It really helped going through that maze down there. My brother was able to break away for lunch and then he took us back to the training center for the ceremony. He made a good point in that Ft. Worth has the resources to have the graduation at any of their municipality buildings but instead they had it in the training center. They did state this was the largest class they had had in a long while so it's possible they weren't anticipating the crowd that showed up. During the ceremony they walked across the stage where the Chief of Police handed them their badge and then once everyone had theirs they lined up in front of the stage and that's when I got to go forward. I was proud to have been asked to pin his badge on him. He got Saturday off and started in his FTO (field training officer program). He will be with an FTO for the next 4 months, changing shifts and sectors and applying all he has learned. Here are some pictures.

Be safe and have a great day!


MrsDub said...

It was an awesome experience, and I'm glad we were able to be a part of it. This is a very PROUD moment in the "Dub" Family! I hate to admit it, but yes the GPS was very handy. Although it didn't prevent us from still fighting about directions -- now we just have a third person to argue with. Who knows, maybe I will just jump in the car and program "Sally" to take me to you! Miss you :{

Wade Huntsinger said...

Thanks for sharing those pics, I was hoping you would. They look awesome and I know that each one of you are proud of the other. Good job Dub. I hope all your training goes well and I think the big guy in OK should give Miss Dub some time off to visit you out there.