Friday, November 14, 2008

14 November 2008,
Yeah, it's Friday! Odat's doing her Happy Friday Dance, and I am too. Yes, I know, I only had 3 days of school this week, but seriously, it was two more longer than it should have been. Just think, my other option would have been a year and a half away from the family. I'm glad this ride is almost over.
Yes, Angela aka Mrs. Dub has a list for me, and I'm ready to get started. I keep looking around this apartment and thinking, I should paint, I should take out that wall, etc.
Wouldn't the landlord be surprised when it was time to check out.
Hey! Remodeling party at my house in OK when I get back! Yep, I'm hoping we can tackle the kitchen to some degree. For some reason, Mrs. Dub thinks the double oven should go in the kitchen and not the garage. I think she's probably right.
I got a text from my brother this week. He is on his first set of days on riding solo. Yeah! I'll have to remember to give him a call this week on his days off and see how things are going. He sent me an email a couple of weeks ago and it included a newspaper article mentioning a call he had gotten, it didn't mention him so he's in the clear. I hate getting mentioned in the news, it's never very good.
Well, time to start my day, be safe and have a great Friday!


Desert Songbird said...

You know, Dean, if you want to come up here to my house, I've got a list of "to dos" that hubby hasn't been able to get to, so you're free to tinker around!

MrsDub said...

**WARNING**** Before asking SgtDub to undertake a home improvement project . . . you must know that he's known in the business as the
"95% Man", which means he will always leave 5% undone!! Before you start demo, be prepared to live with the damage until he gets around to finishing it. I vowed when we moved into our new house to give him one year off without starting any new projects. We made it about 3 years before we undertook the renovation of MissDub's room. We've got big plans for what we want, but lack the big budget to make it happen. Oh well, maybe someone will nominate us for "Extreme Home Makeover" and we'll get a brand new house! Lord knows, SgtDub deserves it - he works so hard to give us everything, and then he never gets the chance to enjoy it.