Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 12, 2008
Well, I 'm finally back to the normal routine of school back in Sierra Vista. I had some firsts this weekend. I headed up to Phoenix last Friday night to spend time with brother in law Billy and his wife Christine and many of their friends at the Phoenix International Raceway watching NASCAR. I got out to the camp site, they and some friends set up their RV's and stay the entire weekend. We watched the race on Saturday and and hung out at the SPEED Catina that night before heading back to the campsite. Sunday we made it in for the big race and I was ready for Earnhardt to win it all, as you know, he didn't, but he did come in 6th. Here's the bulk of the group on Saturday.

Before heading back to Sierra Vista I managed a wonderful detour by meeting Desert Ice and her kids. I had to call her three times to get my directions correct, and had to remind her once why they call me Wrong Way. We ate the the Chino Bandido Restaurant. Desert Ice and I have been working at finding the time to meet since I came up to AZ for my school, and I was happy to finally meet her.

There aren't too many ways to make this time better, unless you threw in my family. Well, gonna go for now, be safe and have a great day.


Desert Songbird said...

Looks like everyone had fun out at PIR. Partytime!

Hey, those people in the bottom photos sure look familiar...

MrsDub said...

So glad you're having fun and getting to do all the things on your "list"! Just be ready to do all the things on "my list" soon!

Linda said...

Ut-oh, didn't Mrs. Dub have "a list" the last time you came home, too?!?

Sounds like you had a fantastic time and isn't it great to meet new friends??