Wednesday, January 21, 2009

21 Jan 09,
Which bothers me most?
President Obama nominated Timothy Geithner for the Treasury Secretary. Now, it should be common sense that if you are nominated for such a job you will be checked out. I can't decide what bothers me most, that he chose to not pay his taxes for several years or that he told the Congressional Panel that it was because he uses Turbo Tax to file with. Is this the guy I want having control over our financial situation. The Dub's here are basically a middle class family, and I know enough to pay at $150 to have a CPA do my taxes.
We haven't started the kitchen renovation yet, it's just getting a good grip on what we want which takes a little more effort. But we are both ready to put the first hole in the wall, Angela love the demolition part of it.
Not much else to report at the moment, back to work this week and we had a busy day. Be safe and have a great day.


Sarge Charlie said...

I am not accepting his I made a simple, common, turbo tax mistake. I have used turbo tax for at least 10 years now, it works well.

Amazing Gracie said...

I won't let myself get started or there will be no coming back. Let it suffice to say - we'd better all be on our knees 'cause we're gonna need all the help we can get!!!
Demolition can be good therapy.

Wade Huntsinger said...

Me too, in fact I just used Turbo Tax again and even last year when we saw 180,000 go through our hands(wished we could have kept that). I was able to look back at the last 8 years of song mine on turbo tax. So, what does this mean? For me it means getting all I can without the GOV knowing about it and planting it the back yard. Perhaps Confederate money may come back to value. It's just sad all around Sarge.

Kanani said...

We paid an accounting firm $500/ month to keep our business and personal life out of IRS hell. This was just part and parcel of being self employed and I'm stunned to hear he tried to get around it. He is no idiot when it comes to finance so DIY? Why not pay some firm to keep you out of IRS hell? I don't buy his Turbo Tax malfunction either.
I think he knowingly didn't pay his taxes. We always knew that looming quarterly date and no matter how difficult, we always paid them. Even after we closed the practice, everything I brought in went to pay the last quarter taxes.

I don't understand why they bothered to approve him.

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