Monday, March 02, 2009

02 March 2009,

I hate to admit it, but I was wrong and Al Gore was right. Yes, it seems global warming is real. Al Gore has been selling his Carbon Credits for a few years now, and as usual, the east coast and west coast led the way. I live in the Heartland of America, and we have not purchased our Carbon Credits from Al Gore's company and it shows. Today, the east coast and west coast are being pounded by heavy snow storms, enjoying all the benefits of winter, and the Midwest and Oklahoma are having to suffer from our obvious uncaring attitude towards the environment and will be expecting temperatures in the 60's, 70's and even one day in the 80's this week. I plan to make the call this week to these guys and get my carbon credits today. Al Gore has signed on Vince Offer with ShamWow to help sell his carbon credits. What are you waiting on?
The family had a good weekend and I spent part of it painting the kitchen in the house we used to live in. The realtor who sold us this house purchased our old one in order to make the transaction go through and a year later sold that house in-laws. yep, you can just imagine that every time a question arises about the old house, I get the call. It's a good thing I love my in-laws.
Besides putting two coats of paint on the walls, we put up the border around the top and I moved a couple of outlets. Of course, this leads to Angela and I wanting to get started on our house, and especially our kitchen. We are both anxious but don't want to jump too quickly. I need one of HGTV's or DIY's crews to come out and help with the project, especially with the cost. I think our next big purchase for the house will be a safe room. The tornadoes that hit Oklahoma in February missed us but we realize that we need something in place that gives us peace of mind and security for the family.
Be safe and have a great day.


Linda said...

You want to send some of that warmer weather out this way so that we can melt all of this snow that just got dumped on us? I think we on the East Coast are quite heartily sick of Al and his Global Warming at this point!

I've been doing nothing but painting for what seems like weeks now and my poor right hand is turning arthritic from holding a brush or roller. I could use the DIY or HGTV folks here myself!

Sarge Charlie said...

Sham-Gore no Scam-Gore, he needs a snake oil salesman.

Wade Huntsinger said...

I think Al Gore's neck needs to be wrung like the shamwow.

Wade Huntsinger said...

Chad is leaving May 7th, supposedly closer to Pakistan where a FOB is being built now. Any inside information?

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