Tuesday, July 19, 2011

19 July 2011,
Have you ever tried to log on to one of your many different pages and as you sit and type your log-in you forget what your password is? I've had to create a spreadsheet to capture all mine, you know that number one rule by everyone not to do, but its the only way to ensure you have it in case your memory fails. Now where did I put that spreadsheet?
Life continues here in Bagram, more wind brings more dust. The temperature here has been better than at home. Yesterday, it was only 90 degrees, felt very nice. Today it was back up to 96-98, but a lot of wind. I see my friends and family putting pictures up on Facebook showing the car temperature, looks miserable. So who as posted the highest car temp yet? That should be a contest.
If you remember I decided to take two college courses this summer. The one class I'm doing pretty good in considering I'm in a war zone. The other class has been a battle. We are six weeks down in a eight week course and Sunday I finally got my school book. Yeah, exciting. Of course, this book is the second one I have bought for the course as the first one ended up in in Prairie, Mississippi. I hope they are enjoying it.
Well, better get back to the homework. Be safe and have a great day!


Sarge Charlie said...

stay safe my friend, check my blog and tell me if it is true.

Wade Huntsinger said...

college and war, maybe a war college. what are ytou getting your degree in anyway?