Tuesday, May 01, 2007

01 May 2007, I was thinking about another day of silence, this time just for me. Of course, I can't get away from blogging. I believe many of you suffer from the same ailments. Today was a good day. All went well.
I am coming close to another rant but it hasn't built up enough steam yet for me to jump up on the soap box. I will however, go over several things that are on my mind and have happened in the last few days.
1. Since President Bush was "blamed" for the 500 point drop in the stock market in February, does he also get credit for the all time highs?
2. We in Afghanistan need to know if we lost the war here too, and who do we surrender too?

3. Does anyone else think Tenet is full of crap and is just trying to sell his book?
4. Is anyone upset R*o*s*i*e is leaving the V*i*e*w? 5. Is Nevada ready to do a recall on Senator Harry Reid? 6. Mrs. Dub is letting Miss Dub practice driving on our back roads and they haven't wrecked yet, of course, from the picture of Mrs. Dub clinching her teeth, I'm wondering how close they've came.

7. Army Mom of Three bought a Sgt. Dub t-shirt.

That's about it on my end, be safe and have great day.


The Gamin said...

Mrs. Dud looks really scared! I feel her pain, as I have been there.
Yes, Tenet is just trying to sell his book. Rosie can leave the country, for all I care.
And . . . I love Mrs. Dub's t-shirt. Are they for sale?

SQT said...

Can't say I'm sorry to see Rosie leave, though I don't watch the view anyway.....

If it means less Donald Trump too, then I'm really happy to see her go.

Dixiechick said...

I would look exactly like Mrs. Dub.. thankfully Tony is teaching Kaitlin to drive on our back roads... yes I know she's only 12, but she has to learn sometime....

Oh let me tell you, I threw a confettie throwing party when I heard that UnAmerican Rosie was leaving the view... WOOOOOO best news I had heard all day!!!!

MrsDub said...

Okay, no more pictures for you! MissDub did pretty good driving, but she seems more concerned with how she looks in the mirror and if the radio is on her station. I'm more concerned with keeping the car on the road and stopping at the stop sign. I'll be glad when you're home and can give her proper lessons in "YOUR" vehicle! Regarding the other people, I could care less and don't even want to waste a breath thinking about them. Good Riddins!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

1. of course not! that would make sense!
2. i don't think you lost yet dub, keep trying, you'll get it soon.
3. yes!!!
4. never watch it, EVER.
5. probably not, but they should be.
6. hmmm, i wonder too!
7. nice shirt!

be safe and hurry home...

smiles, bee

MrsDub said...

Is it just me, or do I look like Rosie? I probably shouldn't have even brought that up because now you'll never kiss me again!

Odat said...

OH....I so agree with you about Tenet...not just trying to sell his book, but by the looks and sound of him I think he's ready for the loony bin...which brings us to Rosie...who I could care less about.....yeah I can see you getting ready to get on your soapbox....I'll listen...


Comedy + said...

1. It only works if it's something negative against Bush.
2. Surrender to the Democrats.
3. Very full of crap and yes it's about the bling-bling.
4. Not only no, but hell no.
5. If they aren't what's the matter with them?
6. Yikes, it looks really scary.
7. Cool!

Ron Simpson said...

my liberal coworkers are all gushing over tenets new book and how it is going to prove Bush wrong.
1. Tenet was appointed by Clinton. 2. Therefore intel failures in the CIA were his fault and by rule Clinton's fault.
3. Bush shoulda canned him day one.
4. Clinton cut funding for troops and intel all 8 years of his presidency. He did more harm to the nation's ablility to defend itself than I can say in a short piece here.
5. Tenet is following his Democratic political masters.
If the Dems get the Oval Office, look for him to get appointed somewhere again.

Ron Simpson said...

ps. I would not use Rosie to fertalize my flower bed.

Linda said...

Miss Dub will probably have her driver's license for years before I even let Amanda sit behind the driver's seat of my car! You think Mrs. Dub looks scared? Ha! Wait awhile and I'll show you scared!

By the by, I love the t-shirt but I am apparently a complete and total idiot and cannot find the place on your sidebar for it! Care to enlighten me while I go look for my glasses?

Miss Dub said...

Lol, I was NOT looking in the mirror, only when we were stopped. Besides, the radio wasn't even on. :( She's soo faking it, I think she enjoyed it. Besides, I'm looking at the road in the pic, aren't I?!

Well, I'm officaly oblivious(sp?), I didn't even reconize me in that picture until I saw the bracelet that my friend made me. OMG, I'm soo blind. Were's my contacts?!

I want a t-shirt too!

Rock Solid said...

I learned more on the Marine Mountain Warfare Training Base in California than any campus at the CIA could ever begin to understand.
It's a craw in our throat...that Medal of just gotta understand all the secrets he has to keep about the Clinton's and the Bush's.
When he did surviellance on me...I busted him in seconds and drove right up to his vehicle and read him the riot act and he chuckled...we talked a bit and went our separate ways after I wrote down his license plate...for reference. Part of your publishing contract is that you have to go on the road just like when you join a band and have to do a sucks. I'll wait for the movie.

Amazing Gracie said...

1. Ha, ha, ha! He only gets credit for the "bad" stuff!
2. No, you're doing a heck of a good job in Afghanistan!!!!!
3. Tenet is the crap-master! Even the dems aren't real happy with him.
4. Rosie who???
5. Harry Reid is just a little pimple on congress' butt!
6. Been there - done that! Mrs. Dub - you do NOT look like that Rosie woman Sgt. Dub mentioned!
7. I love my tee-shirt and a lot of people ask me about it! Y'all buy a tee-shirt!!! (Sgt. Dub sells them hoping to see photos of our "chestusezs.")

Sarge Charlie said...

1. Sarge, you are smarter than that, you know that there is something wrong with all time highs.

2. Surrender to the Speaker, Madam Speaker, you are right, the war is lost, sandbag the capitol.

3. Kind of like the “Walking Eagle”, so full of crap he can no longer fly.

4. Rosie, Rosie who..........

5. Nevada needs to stick its head in the sand, shame, shame, shame.

6. We had 5 kids, I went through that crap 5 times, next.............

7. Army Mom times 3 is looking like a Great American.

JustMeShann said...

Well I have to tell you Mrs.Dub brought some not so long ago memories back... I have driven a 40ft school bus in San Francisco up some of the steepest hills you could imagine, road my quad 60 mphs, but I have to tell you teaching my daughter to driver I held on the the dash, tried to stomp my foot through the floor boards of the car to stop it! Teaching a teen to drive is one of the most nerve racking things I have ever done; a real E' ticket ride! Best of Luck Miss Dub and Hang in there Mrs.Dub :) Thanks for sharing Sgt Dub...

Flag Gazer said...

There's a war in Afghanistan??

(she said, sarcastically!)

Sunrunner said...

Great tshirt!!! Stay safe and have a good week.

Mimi Lenox said...

Mims is catching up...I want a T-shirt as well.

Those driving pictures are scary. Brings back memories of a time when my dad tried to teach me to drive a stick shift. I was around 14. He took me to his dad's old farm with acres and acres of backroads in the middle of nowhere just so I wouldn't hit anything.
We....well, I....ran into a huge pine tree.

But I did learn to drive a 5-speed.
After we disengaged from all those prickly needles.

Your wife's face in that shot looks like I felt approaching the tree. Oh the humanity.