Tuesday, July 08, 2008

08 July 08
My head is going to explode with the worst headache I can remember and I can only assume it's the results of today's class. Of course, I can now point at a door with a fish when directed to in Arabic, can you?
Even with the headache I managed to do an hour of stretching using my P90X dvd. I plan on doing the stretching video for the next week and then start going through the rest of them. The two goals for this next six months is to learn Arabic and get back to exercising.
August 1st is an important day in my family. My brother spent the last 7 months in the Ft. Worth Police Academy and will graduate that day. He has invited me down to pin his badge on him. I am truly honored about this and will be in my Police uniform also that day.
Well, this thinking is really hurting so I'll stop for tonight. Be safe and have a great day.


Desert Songbird said...

The headache could be a result of sinus pressure from the dust and monsoon storms.

Take it easy on yourself.

Anonymous said...

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Wade Huntsinger said...

How cool will that be. Heck i would like to see that, what an honor. Hope your head gets better, try not looking in the mirror.