Monday, July 28, 2008

28 July 08,
Well, Wade called me on it, guess it's time to post. I really did have time this weekend as on Sunday all I did was watch the Eureka marathon on the SciFi channel. Talk about your do nothing weekend. I guess I'm saving it all up for this next weekend and I fly back to OKC on Thursday and drive down to Texas on Friday. It'll be a busy day but I wouldn't miss seeing my brother graduate the police academy and pinning his badge on him.
Class here is going pretty good. Well, I felt better today about it anyway. Come to find out we didn't have to learn the words as solid as we had been working the weeks before but just needed to be familiar with them and learn them over the course of the next 5 months. You could have told us that last week and I wouldn't have stressed about it so much.
Anyone else watching Nashville Star? We are down to the last two weeks. I still like Gabe and Melissa the best, it'll be interesting to see who gets kicked off tonight in the next 30 minutes. Who's your favorite?
Well, I'll post more later, be safe and have a great day!


Desert Songbird said...

No Nashville Star fans in this house, but we do love Eureka.

Amazing Gracie said...

Sorry, we haven't been watching, I can't help.
I must confess I get the giggles when I think of Arabic being spoken with an Oklahoma accent! I love it...
I read what out loud - kinda - what you said to Miss Dub and I sounded like I had a hairball in my throat!
I'll be in OKC the 12th of August. My daughter transferred from Victorville to El Reno, at the Fed Pen. My granddaughter lives in Edmond, so I guess I'll get to see some of that famous territory. I am definitely planning on seeing the site of the OK bombing and paying respects. Other than that, can you give me some hints as what we should do?
Hope you have a grand time, seeing your brother graduate. How you'll be able to pin his badge on him with a dry eye is beyond me!
Our best to you and yours,
p.s. I guess I should clarify, my oldest daughter works for the FBP - she's not a resident!!!

MrsDub said...

Excuse me, but please don't rub it in that you're having a restful time in Arizona! You talk like you're planning to accomplish something during your 36 hours at home. What would that be? We'll be doing good to get to Texas in time for the graduation and then turn around and drive you back to the airport (woo hoo!) Nothing like 6 hours in the car to help us "reconnect" and spend quality family time! Do I sound cranky today? It's no different than any other day. P.S. I want my Expedition back, so that next time an old man decides to stop in front of me, I can just push him off the road!!!!! Somebody needs "anger management" :{ Hurry up and get this class over with . .. I'm tired of it!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hey dub!

smiles, bee

Wade Huntsinger said...

Well I had something to say but after reading Mrs Dub I kinda went and hid in the closet for a spell. Man, you better be very nice on the way to Dallas. I think how awesome that is going to be when you pin your bro's badge on him. You should share some pics with us if you can. Be Safe

Ron Simpson said...

How long are you staying in Dallas? We are heading down (again) on Saturday.
if you get a chance, go to a Genghis Grill. I love that place.