Wednesday, July 23, 2008

23 July 08,
Good Wednesday to everyone! We made it to the half way mark in the week. Hang in there, the weekend is getting closer. We have covered almost 200 words this week, and will spend the next two days just working with them, good, I don't know how many new words I can take at a time.
Mrs Dub and Miss Dub went to see Mama Mia today and the report back was it was great. Now, there is no doubt, period, in my manliness, but I do love a good musical. Now, don't give me an option of a musical and a Steven Segal or a Bruce Willis movie... Batman, Hellboy or Hancock, because the musical would come in second, but I'd still go see it afterwards.
I called home and talked with Miss Dub. Usually on the phone we always greet each other in Spanish. She answered and I started off with, 'Como esta?' She replied back with, 'I don't speak Spanish, I speak Arabic.' So I came back with in Arabic, 'Elfy macos wa waraka al a arf, bil macos cus waraka maruba.' She came back with in Spanish, 'Bien, et tu?" Ok, so it was probably funnier if you were there.......
What did I say? Pick up the scissors and paper off the floor, with the scissors, cut a square in the paper.
Be safe and have a great day.


Wade Huntsinger said...

That's pretty impressive for a OK boy.

MrsDub said...

So if you're learning Arabic and MissDub's learning French, where does that leave me? Obviously in the "minority"! Mama Mia was an awesome movie -- if you don't mind seeing Pierce Brosnan singing. You know you're getting old when you find the "dads" in the movie better looking than the "young guys"! The music was awesome! At one point in the movie, MissDub and I looked over at each other, held hands and I started crying. I'm ready to see it again!

Wade Huntsinger said...

Been 5 days hoss, what's up