Sunday, December 07, 2008

07 December 2008,
Well, I don't think I've seen anything today or leading up to today about Pearl Harbor. I think it's important to remember those events that have shaped this country. Angela had the opportunity in 2006 to go to Pearl Harbor and she said it was a moving experience. On post at Fort Huachuca tonight, Aaron Tippen will hold a free concert. He has always shown his patriotic side since making it in country music and I expect it will be a good concert.
Linda at Are We There Yet asked an interesting question, one I myself have asked. "Where is my financial bailout check?" Yes, I was seriously considering writing a letter to every member of Congress giving them my total debt amount and telling them where to send my check. I mean, it's a considerably smaller debt than bailing out the banking or auto industries. I'm sure everyone has seen the blogs, and emails referring to what each American tax payer could get back if that money was put back in our hands instead of those who have (a)proven to be unaccountable and (b)proven to be irresponsible. Simply send the money back to the people and I would pay off my home mortgage. Yes, this would solve the mortgage problem because that would be paid off and with my mortgage payment back in my pocket I could also put that money back into the economy.
What do you think? Be safe and have a great day.


Desert Songbird said...

I'm with you; bail us, Uncle Sam, and we'll help the economy by having more money to spend!

Sarge Charlie said...

Ok sarge, the check is in the mail.

MrsDub said...

SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!! You've got my vote!!!

Wade Huntsinger said...

I know that's right, it must be nice to have all those officers going to be on the look out some day for you. I reckon you might miss the weather out there when you get back to OK

Linda said...

At least if the government gave the money to us, they'd know that it was most definitely going back into our own economy as we'd all be paying back our mortgages or car loans or credit cards or what-have-you and using whatever was leftover to buy new "stuff" as we here in America seem to be totally into "stuff" even when we've got more "stuff" than we know what do with.

Least ways that's my opinion!