Wednesday, December 17, 2008

17 December 2008
Well, today we took our OPI test, this is a speaking test where we go through an interview over the phone. Amazingly I was able to converse for 20 minutes, talking about the weather, Sierra Vista, my family, baseball, the Seattle Super-Sonics coming to Oklahoma and becoming the Thunder, the OPEC was cutting production by 2 million barrels starting Jan 1, and I was able to ask him some questions too, all in Arabic. Now, please don't think I was fluent or sound anything like a native speaker, but the key is to be understood, I think I was. Now, on the last test we took I didn't feel that confident about my work and I received a 2, which is good, so I can just see me getting a 1 on this one, isn't that the ways it works?

Only 2 days and a wake up and Angela will be here in Arizona to have lunch with the group, see all the wonderful sights of Sierra Vista and then we are off on the road trip back to Oklahoma. Yes, she must really love me to "fly" here just to sit in a car for 15 hours. Yes, I'm so excited about this being over I could actually see the light...

Be safe and have a great day.


MrsDub said...

You are one very lucky man that I'm willing to get on a plane and fly to see! You know how much I hate to fly -- especially alone!!! You better hope I don't crash, or you'll NEVER hear the end of that one! P.S. Is that an eclipse or the light in the ceiling? It's about time you saw it!!!

the bro said...

Angela, I am not sure I would let him drive the whole, I have ridden with him a time or two, and he likes to get in little naps, sometimes while behind the wheel. The plane will probably be safer. Have fun!

Desert Songbird said...

Arizona will be tad less bright without you here, Dean. Have a safe trip, and congrats on doing so well in your class!