Friday, June 16, 2006

16 June 2006, Oh the humidity of it all... Well, it's Friday, which for most people means freedom from the office in less than 8 hrs. For us it's just another day. I found that during deployment days just run together. The greatest example of what I mean is the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. This truly captures the military life on deployment. I know I've called Mrs. Dub at work and not get an answer, then call her on cell phone. When she tells me she's at home I ask why? Her response, "It's Saturday!?" Oh, I vaguely remember that day, something about sleeping in, relaxing, not doing Army stuff.
Ok, now for those of you who are still wondering what the first line meant, well, I'm still in Mississippi, it's summertime, chance of rain. The humidity is upon us like a wet diaper hanging on a baby.
It's finally here! The movie all of America has been waiting for this summer. Nacho Libre! starring Jack Black. Mrs. Dub and my F-I-L say that if a movie has two qualities, I will watch it, loud and stupid. I feel that from the previews I have seen this movie will have both.
For those of you wondering... no I still haven't started packing yet. One of my endearing traits is that I'm a procrastinator by nature. Yes, this is one of the reasons I didn't join the military until I was 28, and why I have been working on my bachelor's degree since 1984. 2007, I hope will mark the closing of several goals. I hope to finish that degree while deployed and I hope this is the last deployment. I am suppose to re-up during this deployment and I will only have 8 more years to do.
I say suppose to because who knows what the Army has in store for me over the next year that could make me change my mind. The National Guard is an interesting organization. I say that the National Guard enjoys promoting that it has a 90% job satisfaction rate among its soldiers. Where do I get such a number? Well, being a guardsman, I drill 2 days a month, and 2 weeks a year. That's the minimum. If you add these days up you get 36 days for a year. That's 10% of the year dedicated to the military. That means for the rest of the time we are not at drill, we are pretty happy. So that only leaves the 10% when life is miserable.
I'm thinking that somewhere on my blog site I should add the footnote that the author's picture can be located next to the definition of "sarcastic". This would help those that don't know me or my pearls of wisdom. I hope everyone has a good day and a good weekend. Take care.


MrsDub said...

Just think, 15 years ago you were in the wrong place at the wrong time and you met me! He he - funny to think that you were minding your own business taking LINE DANCING LESSONS when I spotted you and made my move - you didn't stand a chance! The rest is history and 15 years of wedded bliss (he he again) Just think if you had taken the plea bargain you'd be up for parole by now. I hope anyone reading this will take time to appreciate their spouse and/or significant other and realize just how precious they are and how important every second of the day is. It's not until you're apart that you realize just how much you miss that special person and how a simple touch or hug can make your day. We've lost a lot of time being apart, and we will never get that time back. At least our time apart has made us realize how much we love and need each other. I think about our time apart as hitting the pause button on our life together -- we go about our day-to-day routine, but we're waiting to share the good stuff with you. Hurry home so we can resume our life and get busy making memories together. I'm dreaming of the day when we can sit on the porch swing, watch the grass grow, listen to the crickets chirp and hold hands (he he again). All my love

PaPa Phil said...

Since you are still in Mississippi you need to be aware of something. The Southern Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is advising hikers, hunters, fishermen, golfers, joggers and tourists to take precautions and keep alert for alligators.

They advise people to wear noise-producing devices such as little bells on their shoes or clothing to alert, but not startle the alligators unexpectedly. They also advise the carrying of pepper spray in case of an encounter.

It is also a good idea to watch for fresh signs of alligator activity. People should learn to recognize the difference between small young alligator and large alligator droppings.

Young alligator droppings are smaller and contain fish bones and possibly bird feathers. Adult alligator droppings have little bells in them and smell like pepper spray.

Stay alert down there Big Boy!

MrsDub said...

Hypothetically if you were to be eaten by an alligator would that fall under "active duty"? Perhaps you could just get a finger bitten off and they will send you home! Just a suggestion

Anonymous said...

While you'all are talking about alligators, I was womdering ;if you wear bell to alert the gators doesn't that take away your edge on them. They can be more ready for you. Dinner bell; does that ring with you. MOM