Saturday, June 17, 2006

17 June 2006, Ok, so I talked my Major and Captain into going to see Nacho Libre last night. It was funny. I was laughing as we left the movie just thinking about the different scenes. The biggest shock was it was a Nickelodeon presentation. It relies on slap-stick humor more than dialogue but was funny all the way through. Now my Captain, poor fellow, I could put a lava lamp in front of him and he would be entertained, so he liked it. My Major, on the other hand, he laughed during some of the scenes, but he seems more distant today. I'm sure I won't be picking any more movies. This, of course, happened on the first Afghanistan trip when I suggested "Club Dread" for the Friday night movie. I couldn't argue with that one, even I was saying halfway through to turn it off.
Ok, so I got almost everything packed or have found a place to put it. Let's start with what the Army said I could have. (1) tough box, (2) duffle bags, (1) ruck sack and all the carry on I wanted that would fit in a 16"x24"x10" box. Now a caveat. When I pack for military adventures, to include just a weekend drill to Camp Gruber, I take just about everything any soldier in my section could possibly need. Now, granted, I pack alot of stuff I want, this deployment is no different, but I also pack any and all office supplies I have purchased or collected over the years. Ok, now for the final tally. I have 6 tough boxes, 3 duffle bags, 1 ruck sack, a Camelback BFD bag and a laptop. What I am happy with is the fact that the computer bag is of standard size and still has room and my BFD still has plenty of room in it, so my carry-on is completely acceptable by most people's standard and falls well within the Army guidance I received for the upcoming trip.
On the home front, my daughter got home from Falls Creek this morning. We are excited that she rededicated her life this past week but apparently she also lost her cell phone. Now she has to incur the wrath of Mrs. Dub. She leaves for another camp in two weeks and Papa is going with her on that one as a volunteer. Well, I've pretty much run out of things for the moment.
I hope eveyone has a good day and take care.


MissDub said...
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AngelaWyatt91 said...
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alaska cousin said...

You really need to watch more educational films, Dean. You also pack like most of the girls on my basketball team. They get the boys team to haul their stuff though. You may need a half dozen mules or pack camels.
Falls Creek, wow, memories. They've made lots of improvements there.
We're buying a bigger house with 5 acres here, so we'll have plenty of room when you guys visit Alaska. I won't even make anyone sleep in the camper. Gotta make those monthly payments though, so I might have to charge a bed tax.(he he) Come when there's snow and I'll get you a dog sled ride and teach you cross country skiing. If I can teach 9th graders I can teach you. Not much difference, seems like. Poor Angela. She's one heck of gal to live with you for 15 years!