Wednesday, June 28, 2006

28 June 2006, Captain's Log, Star Date......Our cable television around here is mostly AFN, (Armed Forces Network). Well, I believe someone at the network is a Star Trek Junkie. Every t.v. I see is showing Star Trek Voyager, around the clock it seems. Now, don't get me wrong, I like Star Trek, but vary it up some.
LTC Y had to go and challenge me to ping pong. We did quite a bit of this during the first rotation here. I had to take him over to the MWR (Morale, Welfare, Recreation) building and show him a couple of things. First, I showed him I could loose 21-8, then I showed him I could loose 21-7. He finally gave up and went back to work. When he is asked by someone else why he brought me this time, he tells them I'm comic relief. If you watched my ping pong game, you'd agree.
I went by the barber shop afterwards and got a haircut. Across the hall from the barber shop is the massage parlor. I haven't been there yet. War is hell. Of course, this is a different kind of war. [SOAP BOX] First, it's a war against terrorism. It's not a war against Iraq or Afghanistan, or their people. We are fighting an ideology that is focused on hate and discontent. You could give into the terrorists and meet everyone of their demands and they would still attack you because mayhem is their only goal.
You will have to excuse me, every once in a while, you will get to see the [SOAP BOX]. This will simple be a subject that pops into my head sometime during the day and I will need to air it. The above soap box had nothing to do with the massage parlor, but came out when I mentioned "war is hell". One question I am most often asked is "Are you serious?", the answer 98% of the time is Noooo!
Well, it's Wednesday here, and that means it spaghetti night in the dfac. Remember dinner is the most important meal of the evening. Take care and be safe.


momathome said...

Thank you; I feel like I can retire for the night now. I check this blog thing every night and I do enjoy listening to you. It makes you sseem closer. LOVE MOM

Diana said...

Happy Friday! It is great hearing that you are well and settled in. It is hot here but I am sure not as hot as there! Sorry to have missed the tournament but your description was classic! Stay well, be safe and thanks for taking the time to keep us updated. We all miss you!

TheSIL said...

You wyatt boys are always good for comic relief. (grin)

I really like your blog! I glad to see that you made it there safely. I'm heading to CA in 2 weeks and I hope to make it to Okla. and can visit with your family on the way. Stay safe and stay away from the Dairy Queen! Miss you!