Sunday, June 11, 2006

Learning New Things.
It's Sunday, 11 June here, (so, if you read this today it's probably Sunday where you are too). I went to Combat Life Saver Course this morning. This class will go on for 2 more days. Some things I already know from my civilian job as a first responder, but today I learned some advanced things. So if anyone out there needs a tube shoved down their nose or a needle in the chest let me know, I'm there for you .
Some of the things I'm missing back home right now. Of course, my family ranks number one. A friend of mine just got married this weekend, congratulations to him and his bride. I hope everything works out for them. Another friend has a new son in his family. He and his wife have been praying for this moment for a while now. Of course, I told him he should have adopted me. I even gave him some valid reasons, like I'm already grown and moved out, and not needing any more money from him. I'm not for sure if he gave this any thought or not, but needless to say he opted for the painful plan of rearing a young'n.
One of the biggest challenges I face right now is getting packed for the trip to Afghanistan. My wife will tell you I usually wait until the night before (or even the morning of) to start packing for small trips. This method really doesn't work for the Army since they like paperwork on everything you do. This includes packing lists. And of course, one copy is never enough. Now first, they like to tell you how to pack it. I've tried their packing system before and I find it difficult to follow at times. I'm not sure if they actually have someone try it before it's put on paper. I think most of the problem is if they say I need 2 of something, I will pack 4, and so on. You can see where I'm going to run out of room before they did. Of course, I will tell you I'm not infantry. I just don't see why you should put everything you own in one ruck sack and carry it when the Army has so many forms of mobile transportation systems for you to use.
Well, that's about all the ranting I can do for now. I hope each one of you is safe and happy. Remember, I was put on this earth to make people smile, I hope I succeeded today.


Mom said...

Well, i just smiled. Thanks; did Angie tell you Roger went to church with them this a.m.? He won't go with me, i must be doing something wrong. He spent the night with the girls last night. I don't thingk either one of us is going to handle shelby being gone a whole week. I am not ready for this. Heve you heard from Joey? We are all safe and pray you are too. Love MOM

SGT T Walker said...

There is nothing remotly military about the way you pack - unless they've begun to issue Chee-Tohs in basic!

MrsDub said...

MissDub is packed and heading off to camp! MrsDub planning to be very lonely this week! We love you and we miss you, and yes you drive me INSANE with your packing technique (or lack thereof) Things around the homefront are going well - with the heat the grass isn't growing so quickly before long won't need to mow at all. All our love, the girls

alaska cousin said...

Hey Cousin, Gregg,the ex-infantry, got a kick out of your comments. Just got back from 850 mile trip to basketball camp. Things we do for kids! Angie should be glad for the relaxing down time. Would love to send my kids to camp without having to go with them. Guess I shouldn't be coaching. Think we might fly home and surprise mom for Christmas. Hope to see Shelby and Angela then. Will keep you in prayers. Keep your head down and don't step on anything.

108 said...

Dub, I'm just now catching up. This post made me laugh like watching you ride a bike! And for all those others out there, I didn't take dub up on his offer to be my son because I wanted a son that can support me when I get old & grey. If you keep running back & forth to dangerous foreign countries you're gonna spend all of my money! I have to admit though, as squirrely as your reasoning points were, they were a good sales pitch. You made me think about it. I hope the carpentry is going well. I miss ya, even though you're never here... ha ha