Saturday, March 17, 2007

I picked this up from Callie Ann over at Scrappin...hehe it seems to fit.

Your Leprechaun Name Is:

Hairy Ettercap


Sarge Charlie said...

Your man is on my list I just need to learn a little more about him, this sapsucker award is hot, may have to change it to daily..... I sent an email asking about a guy with same name who is prof at U of O. If that is the guy i will burn him.......Help

Mimi Lenox said...

HI SGT.. Ian has laid down the smack in this week's challenge. Come play!

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Hahahahaha... I was Fluffy Whiskeytoes! I like yours better so I may borrow it for the evening :)

Odat said...

Hi Hairy,
Peace from "Sneaky Greentoes"