Thursday, August 10, 2006

10 August 2006, My biggest problem right now is the fact that when I get off work, I have to wait for SFC J to get off work 2 hours later before we go to the gym. Well, let me tell you, I get comfortable in my chair, in my room, and after playing a little x-box and checking my email, I'm usually ready for a nap, not the gym. I don't blame him, I would much rather come in 2 hours later than I do and then it wouldn't be an issue. But, we know how much I love to get up at 0438 in the morning. wheee. I have often said that I didn't mind it if the sun was already up, and that's true, enough. However, the sun has been staying in bed later than me and I find I'm up before it by a few minutes now. Not so good. The Army doesn't think I should change my time to match the sun's so it's still 0438.
My cousin has officially challenged me to a weight lose contest. Knowing how competitive she is, I'm not putting any money on it. However, it will be good for both of us, and even though she says I look older, ......well, ok, we won't argue with that, I do. My First Sergeant started working out with us too, and he asked me at what point would coming to the gym be fun, I had to tell him I didn't know because I hadn't found that point yet. I imagine it will come when the da*# scales says something besides,"Get off me!!"
I made an "A" in my first class here and am now enrolled in Intro to Algebra and International Political Terrorism. I changed my major to Political Science this term and for some reason the school feels I need almost 3 semesters of math just to take a Statistics course. I thought if I ran for office some day, I would just watch the T.V. like everyone else to see if I won. The good news for me is that my daughter starts algebra this year too, so I can just call home if I need some help with my homework. This almost feels like one of Jeff Foxworthy's redneck jokes, "If you walk you kid to school because you're in the same grade, you might be a redneck."
Speaking of which, I watched Larry the Cable Guy, Health Inspector the other night and Mrs. Dub thinks I should give a critic of it on this site. Well, guys, if you were planning to watch this with a date, don't make it your first date. As the producer said, "Larry didn't have to stretch very far to play this role." Over all, I liked it, it had suspense, comedy, love, and a lot of bodily function humor. Megyn Price played the love interest, and if I'm correct her family is from Oklahoma. Gotta love that. It certainly met my criteria for a good flick.
Be safe and have a good day.


MrsDub said...

I don't think you're alone in not enjoying exercise. Anyone who enjoys it, must not be doing it correctly. I've discovered that you can tell when it's time to exercise when you find yourself dusting your exercise ball! In my own defense, I did get on the treadmill the other day . . . I had to step over it to get to something I needed. Here's some incentive to lose weight --- I'm going to give all your clothes to the Salvation Army and we'll buy all new ones when you get home! You'll be a Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine:}

Sakura said...

Hey, sup dad? I can't wait for you to send that movie home! Mrs. Dub will flip if I make her watch it. I will have to bring the camera into the living room to capture the pure disgust or whaterver facial expression she makes. That'll be our Christmas pic this year, huh? Mrs. Dub was telling me yesterday that if you have 1 or more cokes (all sodas really) a day that you will gain over 15 pounds a year. I'm staying away from 'em and so should you. Uncle J. is gonna stop by Saturday to fix the roof. Well, g2g.
Love ya, bye.

MrsDub said...

Who needs "Larry the Cable Guy" when I've got YOU! GITRDONE