Tuesday, August 22, 2006

22 August 2006, Well, I'd like to say that the war has caused me not to write in the last 5 days, but that wouldn't go very far. Besides, have I ever lied to you that you are aware of? Ok, then we shall just settle for.....I just haven't been very productive. Anyway, here I am now, for those of you who have been waiting. Mrs. Dub sent me a joke, "Why did the banana cross the road?, Because the other banana split!"
Well, August 19th was Independence Day here in Afghanistan, if you recall, I mentioned they celebrate their independence from Great Britain just as we do, and so many other countries. This is their 87th year and most of it has been spent in war and turmoil. We had many threats for the weekend and fortunately for us and Kabul, none came to fruit.
Mrs. Dub wasn't to pleased with me the other day. I was teaching SFC J how to play Xbox Ghost Recon 2. I decided that while he was "training" at the range, I would call home. Mrs. Dub answered the phone, I said, " hello, hello" and then had J firing his machine gun on the game. Mrs. Dub didn't find any humor in the situation and I had to explain that if I was to get into an actual firefight, I probably wouldn't call home at that moment. The good news is I was out of arms reach from her. For guys who like living on the edge, I recommend all others, don't try this at home.
I went downtown yesterday to ISAF headquarters, my first venture in that direction since hitting the ground here. I was able to see some improvements made, but a lot of it still looked the same. I'm putting together some pictures right now, so hopefully on the next blog I will have some for you. Well, be safe and have a good day.


MrsDub said...

You are exactly correct when you said it was a good thing you were out of my reach when you pulled that little prank. By the way, you didn't give me proper credit for the joke -- I made that one up all by myself. Your daugther didn't think it was very funny. And finally, what does it mean when you say "it didn't come to fruit"? Is that code talk?

alaska cousin said...

Well, was weigh in day for me. Another 2 lbs off this week. Have you caught up with me yet? Better get off that Xbox and get into the gym. You might want to put 2-3 miles in on the treadmill. Seems to be working for me.