Friday, August 11, 2006

11 August 2006, First, A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TONI D. Yes, folks, she is another year older, I'm not sure but I think this makes 37, or 38 for her. I know she looks younger than me, and isn't that what counts.
All is well, in Afghanistan today. We had a high of maybe 91, I got to play with power tools and wood, and I learned that I can't speak Navajo very well. I was told to stick with "HOW!!"
Yet another Friday marked off the calendar, Yeah!! We are still moving at a pretty good pace. We got some Air Force folks on post now, that with the Navy personnel we are gathering a pretty good force. Not sure what the Navy is doing, the nearest pond of good size is in Surobi, and I don't think they brought any boats. We asked one Air Force guy what he does for a job, he said he schedules pilot training, hmmmmm, not familiar with the Afghanistan Air Force yet, but I'm going to say he may be working on something else here. I remember last trip we were here, we had some guys flying around with government officials in those Russian helicopters and everytime they landed a mechanic would get off and start tinkering with the engine. Yeah, sign me up.
I get to sleep in tomorrow morning, yeah, don't have to be up till 0630, I will be very upset if I wake up at my usual time and lie there for two hours. Won't be a good day for anyone. Well, that's about all for now, be safe and have a good day.

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