Saturday, August 12, 2006

12 August 2006, Well, you know how I've stated that my job here is comic relief. Ok, so here's todays story. LTC Y catches me at a meeting and tells me he has a mission for me. (This of course, is always a bad thing, because I know it means it's something he's not going to do himself). He tells me he wants to present an award to someone tomorrow and he has decided the award will be the movie "Brokeback Mountain". Now they sell this movie at the PX, why, I'm not sure, but they do. He doesn't want to go buy the movie himself and is telling me to do it instead. He gives me the $20 for the movie. I's almost 7pm here, we are working up a rain/dust storm, lightening....I figure....nows my chance. I head over to the PX....darn, some infantry guys looking at movies....I pick up a couple of different movies in the general area....waiting......ok, they left, I casually pick up the movie, palm it like a basketball, there, nobody should be able to make it out on first's a short line....waiting......(Now, everyone who knows me knows my mind works a little differently).....(so I begin thinking to myself)....waiting.....hmmmm....what would the worst thing to happen if I actually make it to the counter without anyone noticing......hmmmm....still thinking....Yes, that would be it, the cashier calling out, "I need a price check for the Sergeant....on Brokeback Mountain", .....yep......ok, I'm next at the counter.....almost over, just got to get the movie in the bag...then i'm home free.......WAIT!!, what are you doing????? Cashier then holds up the movie as he turns around to the other cashier.....NOOOOOOOOOO!!!(of course, I scream inside my head, it draws less attention.)(I had to learn that one the hard way too). It played out almost just like I had feared. My fortune carried me thru though, the cashier asks the other one in his native tongue of Pashto. Ok, it's in the bag and I'm outta here.
You won't be getting a critque on this movie, the seal won't be broken by me. And remember, they weren't cowboys, they were sheep herders. Well, be safe and have a good day.


MrsDub said...

Serves you right for doing that! Just stick to loud and stupid movies. Your Brother is my New Hero! He spent several hours in 100 degree temps installing vents on our roof AND, get this . . . he picks up his tools when he's done. Missing you :[

alaska cousin said...

I agree with mrsdub. Your lil bro is the neat one. His cat, on the other hand, was psychotic. Only a psychotic cat would run under your car as you enter the garage.
Better watch out...I'm back on the treadmill and put in 2 miles today and yesterday. Things will balance out tomorrow when we go back to work. Then I'll have to get up at 0415 to get my workout done. The air force is improving the gate, and rumor is it's a 40 minute wait to get through. (Flashbacks to 9/11) That may mean getting up even earlier. They say you burn more calories all day if you work out early in the morning. Guess we'll see who can burn the most. Stay safe! Hang with those AF guys...they manage to stay away from live ammo.

the bro said...

I wanna know how you know that they were sheep herders. Hmmm makes you wonder doesn't it.

The Sil said...

I want to know how you knew they were sheep herders too?!

Just for the record, little bro's cats are still crazy. I think he does something to them when no one is looking! :)