Saturday, April 07, 2007

07 April 2007, Today, I have pictures to share. Things were much nicer today and the weather is nice. Yesterday, besides everything else going on, we had a group of soldiers go climb the Ghar. The Ghar is just a mountain, and supposedly the highest point in the Kabul area. You will be able to see that the mountains surrounding Kabul are certainly higher.

This is the Gabbard. He works in my office. Gabbard is much like the Guru you seek on the mountain to ask a question. You will never leave without an answer. Now, I didn't say it was the answer to your question, or even the right answer, but an answer none the less. Seek and you shall find.

Now, in the almost two years I have been in Afghanistan, I have not climbed the Ghar. For one, I didn't leave anything up there. If I did go ahead and climb it, rest assured, I would leave something up there and have to climb it again. Would that make any sense?
I have been asked to show a picture of my MSM Award. This is it.
I wasn't asked to post a picture of me. I was extremely hurt, but also suffering from a short attention span, I got over it quickly. I then just figured it was an oversight and you really wanted the picture.
We were at an ISAF camp and waiting on everyone to return to the vehicles to head back to Phoenix. Have you stopped by Mrs. Dub's site to see her idea of an Easter picture? Well, I will have mine up tomorrow. Be safe and have a great day.


Callie Ann said...

Oh SGT.DUB your such and Easter Ham. Ha ha Ha.
Thanks for the local Pics. It looks like mean terrain to me. Won't catch me climbing no mountain. Did the guys put an American Flag at the top???? have a good one, going over to visit your wife now. Be safe.

Linda said...

Looks like some very blue skies over there so it must have been a nice day! Congrats on the MSM and thanks also for sharing your smiling face with us!

Happy Easter over there!

Odat said...

Eerie landscape....will give you more appreciation of that green green grass of home huh?
Thanks for sharing the pics...keep on smiling!!

Sarge Charlie said...

Greate photos sarge, that looks like the top of the world, congrats again on the MSM, well deserved i am sure.

stay safe shorttimer, lets stay behind the wire, ok

Sarge Charlie said...

Stop by my place for a little surprise.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

great happy post, you brightened my day...

smiles, bee

Desert Songbird said...

Hey, except for those snow-capped mountains in the distance, those photos look like they could have been taken around here! Great shots.

Aw, Dub, we should've said we wanted photos of you getting your medal awarded! That we could've seen both the medal and you in all your glory.

I echo Sarge Charlie - well deserved, friend. Happy Easter to you, and a blessed and safe return home soon.

Sunni Kay said...

The pictures were all wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing them with us! Are you sure you aren't just hiding out in Northern Nevada? He he. I know you aren't. You are doing something far more important, but I swear the landscape could pass for Northern Nevada. Right sown to the snow topped mountains in the distance. Thank again!

Stop Liberal Media said...


I found your blog through the 911 tribute that I have had posted on my website for over a year now.
I just wanted to write you a quick note and say THANK YOU! Thank you for what you do, the many sacrifices that you endure, your courage, and I could go on and on.
You and all of Our brave men and women that protect us, are in my families prayers. We appreciate you as do millions of others.
Be safe, and God Bless.

Mark Aaron
Grand Rapids, MI

Travis said...

Congrats on the MSM! I saw Sarge's post about it. Well done!

E and J said...

Sarge, as a Brit I would like to thank you for everything you have done for the 'coalition'.

If you are ever in Northern Nevada, I will buy you a drink (or two...). We are forever in your debt, and nothing we can say will ever mean what we really want to say.

Thank you,



No offense to northern Nevada but some of that resembles a moonscape!
With my bum-funky knee I'd never make it up that mountain.
Darn shame your buddies didn't stumble onto another "spider hole."

Brandy said...

That new cammo is awesome. that is hard to see in that picture, but that is the point, eh? Keep it safe.

chtrbx said...

Great pictures! Maybe you should start a Gabbard the Guru column....
Ask Gab or Gab the Guru Has Answers for You!

A question for Gab Guru...
How long can a Guru sit atop a mountain peak before he stand down and or up?

tiger said...