Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blogger's Choice Awards. This is a Pay Per Post Ad, but you have already heard me talking about it this week. It's the Blogger's Choice Awards by PostieCon, just follow the link to best blog Anyone can nominate. Anyone can vote. Both require you to fill out a quick sign-up and you can only vote once per blog per category. What kind of categories are there? Well, there's the Freakiest Blog, Hottest Mommy and Hottest Daddy Blogs, Best Travel Blog, Best Photography, Politics, Animal, Best Blog of All Time and many, many more. Who has the Worst Blog or is the most Obnoxious Blogger this year? Over the last week I have seen nominations going through the roof. The big race at the moment seems to be for Best Celebrity Blog with the lead changing frequently. Voting ends on May 22, and the results will be announced at PostieCon. PostieCon is taking place in Orlando Florida on June 2nd. Which blog site do you have to go to each day for that daily dose of laughter, then go find out if they have been nominated for Best Humor Blog, and cast that vote. Forget the Oscar, forget the Grammy, forget that Golden Globe, this year it's real people with real blogs. so get out there and vote.


Sarge Charlie said...

I haven't been able to log in to this award thing, I will keep trying. Stay safe shortie.

Ron Simpson said...

Rosie the Blob needs as many votes for Worst Blog and Most Obnoxious Blog.

Ditto on the stay safe.

Have a nice day

Claire said...

I have voted for you and i think this is a mighty fine pay per post!

Ron Simpson said...

please go and vote for my site. we have several of us posting there, Flag Gazer and Gene Bach are two. We need some traffic from book addicts.