Tuesday, July 04, 2006

04 July 2006, Happy 4th, America!!! July 4th is different here, it's a place where we don't won't to hear explosions under the stars. I do wish I was home, because I love to pop fireworks. But this day does have significance that I share with my Afghan friends that we (Americans), them, and many many other countries do have something in common. We each celebrate our independence from Great Britain. This is a link that they can understand and it helps to minimize the differences. Heck, even the Brits over here wish us a happy 4th. (they are probably glad they finally got rid of us). Camp Phoenix here, almost represents what America was over two hundred years ago. Here, in one camp, we have Americans, Afghans, French, Rumanians, Russian, German, British, Canadians and more, all living, working, striving towards helping the country of Afghanistan. It's a long haul, don't let anyone tell you different. But, it's a mission, a calling that many men and women have answered and it's a testament that we can work, live, co-exist with each other. Today is a day of celebration for all of us, so I won't get on my soap, today. I feel the media really should spend more time covering what's right, good, encouraging here in Afghanistan and in Iraq.
On another note, SFC M, SFC J, MSG T and myself re-enlisted today and LTC Y did the honors of giving us our oath. Immediately afterwards we stood in formation with those from Oregon National Guard as they took their oaths. We couldn't think of a better day to honor those who have come before us and given of themselves to give us our freedom and to show our support for the freedom of Afghanistan. I will post pictures tomorrow. I hope all of you have a safe and happy day.


MrsDub said...

Happy 4th of July and congrats on the re-up. Boy, talk about Groundhog Day - you've only got 8 more years of the military! Things are good at home - it's raining -- only in Oklahoma does the weather change in 10 minutes. I just promised MissDub that when you get home, the two of you can spend as much as you want on fireworks, and I won't complain. We love you and we miss you - be safe!

Anonymous said...

Dean: Happy belated 4th! Thank you so much for being there for us, taking care of your family, my family, friends and the US in general. We are lucky to have you, those who came before you and those yet to come after you. We are ao very lucky in this great nation of ours to have those men and women, like you, (man not woman :) ) who are there for us. Take care and God bless you. Linda

momathome said...

We missed you on the 4th fire poppers and all. I really didn't miss the worry of fire in the back pasture, but missed you.Everything is the same here me and papa stilll arguing and Mrs Dub complaining about it. Love ya lots and miss you much. MOM