Thursday, July 13, 2006

13 July 2006, Gooooood Mooorrning Afghanistan, Well, it sounded good when Robin Williams did it in Good Morning Vietnam. Anyway, another day marked off the calendar. Yippe!! I've mentioned to untold 10's of people that we only have 2 more weeks in country before we go home. I give them a few seconds with that puzzled look on their face before I fill them in. You see, we are the National Guard, we aren't full time soldiers like the active duty guys, (yeah right). Anyway, I tell them that because we are National Guard we only do two weeks a year, so therefore we only have two weeks left, a really long two weeks, but eventually we will hit that point, (about 330 days later, but who's counting) that we can say only 13 days and a wake up.
Of course, I get asked why even bother counting, well, what else do you have to do here? I don't believe you should live in a state of routine. Whatever you do, have a purpose, set a goal, set an end date. Of course, that's coming from someone who has been working on the bachelor's degree for 22 years. I didn't say you can't push that end date back to accommodate things like, LIFE. Back when I was between 5 and 10 years old all I wanted when I grew up was a spread of land and some horses, only took me 34 years to get it, but I am pretty happy with it right now, just wish I was there instead of here. And when I when the lottery back home, well that 5 acres will grow!!
What's happening here? Well, this week not much, remember that's a good thing. Being bored is what we live for. I'm hoping that this deployment won't get in the way of my other projects, but hey, if I have to bag up bin Laden on the side of the road, well, that would be alright too. Anyway, I wish I had more exciting news to send you, but my mission here is to make sure my soldiers make it from point A to point B without incident, and that's the way I like it.
That's gonna wrap it up for now, I hope each of you has a good day and stay safe.


momathome said...

Hello Son; hey do you remember the pink flamingos you love so much? We for BJ's 45th birthday we flocked him with 40 flamingos and 5 pigs on his front lawn,keep in mind his front lawn is only about the size of my workroom;tight fit. But his was amused. We also are discussing the possiblity of doing that kind of business here. You would enjoy putting falamingo in someones yare at 4 am wouldn't you? It bets Afganastan.Right. Everything here is pretty mundane also,but I won't complain either,that means no worries. Love ya lots MOM

monathome said...

Sorry about the misspelling i was in a hurry and didn't ck it,MOM

MrsDub said...

SgtDub's fans may not know this about him, but he absolutely LOVES pink flamingos -- the more, the better!!!