Monday, July 10, 2006

10 July 2006, Ok, first of, I have changed the background on this page, let me know what you think. Now down to business. Ok, I really don't have any business really, but I can get this blog started. It's Monday evening here and another day of just sitting behind a computer is over. At least as a police officer back home, we got to move around a little bit. (We moved a lot if my LT. is reading this). Anyway, it's the job I signed up for and I do my best. I did get off the FOB yesterday to have dinner with the Brits over at Camp Souter. Army chow halls are amazing, and it's universal. We love going to ISAF, (International Security Assistance Force) and Camp Souter for meetings usually around meal times. The British and other countries like coming over here. Heck, even from Army DFAC to Army DFAC, with them getting the same food, IT TASTE BETTER! I haven't found a reasonable explanation for it other than my wife can't eat at McDonald's for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and that's what we do, everyday. So when we get the chance to eat outside the norm, it's fantastic! Well, we met up with our counterparts from Great Britain, took care of business and had a good meal. Has anyone but me noticed an almost common theme with these blogs?
I checked the weather and later this week we are expecting a cold front, yep, it's gonna get down to 85. Where did I put my parka? Our issue of cold weather gear this time around was a much needed improvement. The last trip they gave us something that we called a bear suit. It's a fitting term since if I had put it on, and grabbed a bear mask, I would resemble....A bear. It actually had a dark brown wooly fur on the outside and of course, noone ever really discovered if it was suppose to be worn on the outside or under your clothes. As you have heard me describe the weather here, it's much like Oklahoma, and there are only a few people I can think of that would need such heavy clothing on the worse day. They even gave us mittens. Now for those who have gone hunting or any outdoor sport for that matter during the winter, when have mittens been useful? Yes, they are warm, but certainly carrying a rifle or pistol and thinking you are going to do anything with your hands, mittens are a bit impractical. This go around has been better with more emphasis on functionality.
Well, looks like I need to get out of the box and stretch my legs. I hope everyone has a good day and be safe.


MrsDub said...

Do you think you'd have room in your split-level connex to add a stable? Maybe you could find a donkey or something along that line (compact and easy to ship). You don't have to worry about us losing interest in the horses while you're gone. In fact, I may decide to use your reinlistment bonus to buy myself a high-dollar barrel horse, quit my job and become a professional barrel racer (world's OLDEST!!) But first, I better get AFLAC! Missing you :{

Anonymous said...

We thought of you and everyone there while we were putting up flags for the 4th. We are proud of you and pray daily for your safety and that the time will pass quickly. We see mrsdub and msdub frequently at church. They are doing OK other than missing you. We are in a far away county, TEXAS, for a few days enjoying family and swim meets. Love you, F & D