Monday, July 17, 2006

17 July 2006, Ok, I'm already getting new jokes, so this is brought to you by Connie and Katie, "What do you get when pigs fly?" The price of bacon goes up. Good job!! I actually have to laugh when writing that one. Katie obviously understands my higher level of humor.
Ok, with that out of the way, we need to get down to serious business. The first two things we need to talk about come from my AFN(Armed Forces Network) news. The first thing is that they report that terrorist get 80% of their information about U.S. Military movement from the internet, such as blogs, so with that in mind, I'M RIGHT BEHIND YOU!
The second thing, is the news reported that the Department of Defense is cracking down on human trafficking, so for all of you who have already placed an order with me, I'm afraid I will either have to refund your money or I can send you a nice rug. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.
My conex is pretty comfy, I think tomorrow will be a construction day for me. I need to create some furniture in the office and I have drawn up my designs for my room. As those of you back home and those on the last deployment know, it's play time.
Speaking of play time, I have begun to have concerns about the military, or at least Camp Phoenix. I've often thought (SURRENDER NOW!) that the Army was getting softer, the kinder, gentler army as they like to call it. Well, I believe we have reached that point completely. As I mentioned my idea of relaxing is building things, well, I don't know if it's just Oregon or what, but now at Camp Phoenix we are class.......greenhouses and gardening ...... Crochet?....What the heck is going on over here? Have I entered some twilight zone episode. By the way, the v-neck sweater I'm working on is turning out fabulous.
I've seen a lot of soldiers ending their emails in work and outside of work with signature blocks that include famous quotes from (YOU WILL NEVER WIN, WHAT'S THE POINT) people in history that helped shape their times. I've seen Churchill, Roosevelt, Macarthur, along that line. So let me end this one with one from a very influential person who helped mold me into what I am today.
If he looks like an idiot and sounds like an idiot, don't let him fool you, he's an idiot. - Groucho Marx.
Have a good day and be safe.

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MrsDub said...

It's comforting to know that you are at least learning other trades while you're over there. Do they teach "How To Clean Your Room?" or "How to Successfully Put Away Your Laundry? The ONE I'm most interested in would be "How to Finish a Project and Make Your Wife Happy!" I'd pay big bucks for any of those classes! Speaking of your crochet project, do you still need yarn? I think that pink angora will look great on you! Love & Miss You (p.s. you know I'm kidding about the classes - You're PERFECT just the way you are!