Tuesday, July 11, 2006

11 July 2006, Ok, everyone out there who knows I am not the sharpest person sitting behind a computer, raise your hand, whoa,...That's a lot of hands. Anyway, through trial and error, error, error, I finally got a dang picture added to my profile. Not that I'm looking to be on Hot or Not, but I figured the blog site was a bit bland. At least I add some texture to it. I guess I could figure out how to add a more picturesque background, but that's another battle down the road.
I've added a couple of extra links to the side, no, the other side, there. The first two are a couple of guys that are here with me. Both are pretty good guys and are experiencing Afghanistan for the first time. In case you are really enjoying this blog and would be interested in reading theirs just click on the link. Cpl. Larkin is with the PAO office and is publishing the blog for the 1-180th INF BN. He is a reporter back home and enjoys his job. Ben is with the S4, they are supply guys for the unit. He is experiencing a lot of new things this year and gives a different perspective on things. I'm hoping to add another site from a guy currently in Iraq. He has nothing to do with us, but one of our soldiers found his blog site and he does army cartoons.
As for me, I think I am getting better with this crud, either that or I'm just getting used to it. I know everyone in the office and probably the person in the connex behind me will be glad when they don't have to listen to me. If I'm doing better by Saturday, I will head back to the gym.
I've had some folks back home ask me what they can send me. Well, actually, I'm doing pretty good here, you've heard me tell you about all the spending I can do here. However, one of the things we are working on is giving to the community around us. Cpl Larkin mentions it in his site, but we have been going out to the elementary schools here and giving out backpacks, paper, pencils, pens, coats, etc. The school systems here are one of the most important things we can support. Because of the wars here for the last 25 years and because of the Taliban rule, education was almost banned completely, it certainly was for girls anyway, and the boys were not taught to read and write unless they had been moved to another country or were more privileged. Anyway, schools are flourishing, those that aren't being burned down by the Taliban insurgents roaming around. So, if you have been wondering what you could send me, (I'll still take those fresh baked cookies), those are just some of the suggestions. I'm being told to stay away from crayons and coloring books, but the other items mentioned are great.
Well, time to end other session, be safe and have a good day.


MrsDub said...

Step Away From the Cookie Jar! You need to be eating more healthy snacks (Grape Nuts, Prunes, etc.) You really look serious in that picture. I think you should post a picture of you playing ping-pong

Sakura said...

Hey daddy. Eat as much junk as you want. I'll just make sure to send that tredmil in the mail. XD. It's not like mom's using it. Hope you are enjoying my story. I will send chapter 3 tonight, chapter 4 is half way done. you better exercise if you want to keep eating those cookies ;). Well ttyl. love ya and miss ya-
Miss dub

Diana said...

Great to hear you are doing well. We finally had around three inches of rain last night a shades of the dust bowl faded a bit. Went down to the Gov's office yesterday and visited with Mts.Dub and she gave me the tour. She misses you a lot! Take care, prayers to all and will be in touch.

the bro said...

He's right, I've seen what he can do with a crayon and it just ain't right.

ExpressAngel said...

Good evening, Deanie! I don't think that the army would mind if you obtain a horse in Afgan.....remember, the Col. on M.A.S.H had one, so it has to be o.k.! Let Angela know that Trish & I have already posted you on HOT or NOT. We are getting the results in as we comunicate. Whoa, the computer has locked up due to the massive voting results that are pouring in!! I'll keep you posted!