Friday, July 28, 2006

28 July 2006, First, I have to give a big thanks to Tim and his family back home. I was flagged down yesterday by someone who said I had a large box in the Company HQ. I thought that was strange, but intriguing, so I headed over there and sure enough, a large box for me. Now I was really excited when I looked at the box that said it contained a Multi-Purpose Free Standing Utility storage Rack. I mean, Tim really knows me and to think he sent me a storage rack. Gotta love the guy. Anyway, I open it up and there's no storage rack, there's only......FOOD!!. Oh, could this have been any better. Probably enough food to last the BDOC a week. So, being that I'm a sharing kinda guy, I begin the laborious task of sorting out the items, let's box for me, one box for them, two boxes for me, one box for them...etc.etc. No, really, I did take part of it to the office today and I'll bring in more tomorrow. Now, of course, certain items for certain people. I get the Scooby Doo Berry and Bones Cereal. So I sat last night in front of my computer eating a bowl of dry cereal and drinking a coke, that's the life. I was working on the peanut butter cookies they made. They had 6 tuperware containers of baked goods, and Little Debbies galour. So, with a gracious heart, thank you. (Honey, add another chin to that picture I sent you)
At the beginning or ending of each blog session, I take a few minutes and browse through some of the other sites. I found one today, I'm wondering why they even bothered. It actually took more time to log on than it did to type out the blog. "It's sooooo boring today, and I'm a drama queen." Yes, well, good luck to you. I'm not making fun of as much as I'm just asking.....why?
I took the big test today for my government class. Let's just say, I prefer Multiple guess or 'true or false' than the pick 6 essay questions and formulate your answers. But it's done now and I can start looking for the next class.
I'll have more to follow in a day or two. Be safe and have a good day.


momathome said...

And the gym is located how far from the big box? Just kidding, enjoy yourself. Love MOM

MrsDub said...

Big THANKS to Tim & family for sending you the goodies! Now I'm off the hook to bake those cookies (he he). Seriously, we appreciate the gesture and realize it's not cheap to ship stuff. Note to Dub, don't eat it all at once, you'll get a tummy ache!

Anonymous said...

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