Tuesday, January 02, 2007

02 January 2007, Office in a bad mood.
My office consists of 1 Texas Longhorns fan, 1 Oklahoma State Cowboys fan, the rest Oklahoma Sooner fans. Well, Texas won their bowl game, OSU won their bowl game, Oklahoma.....well, the last 5 minutes of the game was exciting, but they lost. I will have to say that Boise State went with the attitude to win, and they did, ending their season undefeated. For the Sooner's....well, they just made working today miserable. All those folks from Oregon, who supported their Oregon Ducks, made that extra effort to come by the office today to "see how the game turned out", as if they didn't already know. Did I mention the Ducks lost their bowl game?
Today we worked on the inventory of equipment in the office and that was a little crazy. When we hit the ground back in June several people traded offices but left the computers, printers, etc, where it was. The inventory lists were all mixed up and after several hours, several huddles, I believe I at least my section squared away....again.
Miss Dub wanted me to let everyone interested know that her blog site is up and running, however, due to a lost password/unknown log-in error, she had to change sites. The new site is listed in the sidebar. Her mother's site is also listed and I imagine both will catch the bug full force very soon.
Here is a picture of me without the mustache. I really haven't been missing it much, I go from time to time with and without it, usually not very long without since Mrs. Dub likes it so much. I guess I get better looking with more of my face covered up.
Be safe and have a good day.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh i really like the no stash look! careful though, your nametag almost shows!!! have a great day, it's our anniversary today so we are going out somewhere, when we decide where, sometime, later i guess, when he gets done blogging, and me too, sigh..... priorities. be safe. bee

Sarge Charlie said...

Looks great Sarge, sorry you had to miss all the fun stuff at home during the holidays, I am happy you are there doing what you do when we need you to do it, thanks.

The Sil said...

I like the look. You have a nice face! I remember when your Bro first shaved his off. I hated it too, until I got used to it. Now, I would hate it if he grew it back. Women are just weird that way. :-P

MrsDub said...

That's NOT funny! I suggest you grow it back before you come home to me!!!!! Love you!

Wade Huntsinger said...

Well SGT DUB I have not been looking at you long and to be honest that is of no interest to me. Of course if i was you i would be a little more concerned about the top part. Ha Ha, not really because I am well on my way. Inventory sucks sometime but hey, somebody gotta keep things in order. Not much in to college football, althought I do watch it. I'm from ACC country but i have to be honest, I do like the Longhorns. That probably don't set too well with you but after all I am from the Tarheel! Be safe my friend.

Sanni said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my little coffee corner earlier today and for the congrats and warm words =)

I´m so glad I´ve found you via Mimi and her Peace Globes!

Please keep up the good work!

San (mustacheless)

Desert Songbird said...

No mustache probably makes you look younger, right?

Dixiechick said...

At your request Sgt. Dub... I'M BACCCCCKKKK!! hehehehehe

Oh and by the way... I've added Mrs Dub and Miss Dub to my list.. wonderful reads!

Happy New Year!