Wednesday, January 17, 2007

17 January 2007, The Day After.
Well, today is a better day to tell you about yesterday. At around 9 am a subject attempted to drive a VBIED (vehicle-borne improvised explosive device) into our camp and blow it up. Due to safety measures in place, good training by all personnel at the front gate, and good luck, he was unable to detonate the bomb prior to being restricted, removed and secured. We are thankful and grateful that those involved were able to prevent this action. I was in the area at the time that this occurred and was able to get to safety. With the subject now secured, we had to deal with the vehicle in the gate area. This required EOD to come and attempt to identify and remove the threat. After a couple of hours I found myself outside the wire with EOD when the vehicle detonated. I do listen to the little voices in my head, and when there appeared to be a small chance an explosion would occur based on the actions by EOD, I took cover inside one of their vehicles. This was a good decision because we became that small chance. The explosion was large enough to blow out windows in buildings up to 200 meters away.
I know, a lame excuse for not posting yesterday and missing ab lab, but I use what I have. Today was spent working on yesterday's events and attempting to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. No one on post was injured during the events and only minor injuries to local Afghans occurred due to flying glass. We responded quickly to those and assisted them.
Well, just got a phone call and it's back to the grind stone. Be safe and have a good day.


the bro said...

I think you need to start posting that kind of info on site that Mrs dub does not read. Stay down, stay safe and stay warm. Later bud.

Odat said... careful!!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh my word sarge! i have tears running down my cheeks just thinking about it! oh my. well. just oh my. that's all i have, sorry...... be safe PLEASE!!!!! bee

Sarge Charlie said...

Thank God for those that did not die as a result of this action. I am very happy you are safe sarge, just another day at the war, right. It just goes to show that being behind the fence is safer than the street, good training and procedures are necessary to keep you safe.
Stay safe sarge, you are always in our thoughts.

The old sarge

Wade Huntsinger said...

Well, Well well, It's funny how the old cop just found himself outside the wall with EOD. How did it detonate? Just curious. I don't even have to wonder what a certain person will think of this.....Good luck with that.

PaPa Phil said...

That news just made it tougher to type with fingers crossed.

Skittles said...

Thank God for the voice in your head.

Dixiechick said...

Sgt Dub, I had chill bumps and tears well up in my eyes when I read this. Please stay safe. And always listen to that voice in your head.

Praying an extra prayer for you and the entire camp tonight.

Ruth said...

I do not personally know of a person who is serving in the military right now, but I have been reading your blog for a month now and feel like you are family. I am beginning to understand how families feel!! Be safe, and I will pray for you, and all the others over there.

Desert Songbird said...

Superior training + good instincts = survival.

Stay safe, Sgt.

Sanni said...

You are always in our thoughts - and in my (extra-) prayers (tonight)

Please stay safe, Sgt!

ShadowFalcon said...

How scary! Stay safe Sgt!