Sunday, January 28, 2007

29 January 2007, A War of Words.
I started blogging in June 2006, as a way to let family and friends know I was doing ok during this deployment. As I have mentioned on several occasions, I'm a procrastinator by nature, ask Mrs. Dub. With this in mind, a blog site was the best, fastest, most efficient way for me to communicate with everyone back home. One post, everyone who wants it, gets it. At that time, I had only been introduced to one other blog, Bob on the Fob. This was a soldier in Iraq. Now around July, he stop posting. I don't know why, but I hope it was because he went home, safely. Since then, and up to today, I keep current on over 50 different blogs from people all over the world, literally. I read over 40 every day, (when I remember to pay the internet bill and they remember to turn it on). This is indeed an amazing thing if you sit long enough to think about it.
There is an amazing exchange of ideas, of thoughts, of whims, of views, of everything you would want to find out there. One site, The Truth, seeks and encourages political exchanges every day. The amount of time he and others like him put into researching and producing an informative view puts me in awe. I love and encourage passion in views and feelings, as long as they are informative views and feelings. There should not be any doubt about where I stand on most views today. I'm pretty much conservative. Please note, that I did not say Republican or Democrat. I can stand before you and say that on my last ballot, as well as just about every ballot before it, I voted both Democrat and Republican. This really isn't an issue for me, because I look at the candidate's character, morals, values and then decide. I believe if you are "party-line" then you are either not informed or a zombie walking the earth. I believe there is a time for dialogue, a time for war, a time for peace, but one solution will never work for every situation. You can not properly fix a water leak with a hammer.
I'm reading other blogs and seeing bloggers engaged in debates. This is great, and yet is a problem. I have seen very few instances that a debate has led to one party or the other being swayed from their views. The best we can hope for is that each walks away with a little more insight. This is possible if you are open to such dialogue. If you are not, then I make the suggestion that you don't get involved to start with.
I believe most of America has learned lessons from Vietnam. The distinction has been made between the soldiers and the war. This is a great lesson. As I heard about the peace demonstration march on Washington this weekend, I was a little disheartened. When I heard Jane Fonda made an appearance my first thought was, "Great, within a few weeks I'll be called a baby killer". This was wrong of me, and even though you didn't know it, now you do and I'm sorry for that thought.
I believe in your right for freedom of speech, as long as you respect my freedom of speech too. Dari from Charmed and Dangerous was at that march. When she first told me she linked me to her site and her other site, a peace activist blog site, I must admit I was taken back just a bit. I began reading her site. She doesn't attack me, she doesn't judge me, and I don't judge her either.
People I do judge are people like Jane Fonda, Sean Penn and Jesse Jackson. I don't believe these people, at all. I see them, I hear them, and all I see is people stuck on an ego trip, it's all about them. I believe real people are concerned, but it doesn't include those three. I believe if you say something is broken, wrong, immoral, unjust, then explain it and offer suggestions. My mind works in analogies. If your television isn't on the right channel, you get up and change it. You have just found a solution and put it to work. The war in Afghanistan is considered a just war, why? What makes it different from Iraq? Because the terrorist network was in Afghanistan. Check out the FBI, CIA yearly reports. There are terrorists on every Continent and many countries in the world. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, France, Italy, Germany, South America, the United States. There isn't a demographic workup of what a terrorist is, not race, not religion, not politics. What makes a terrorist is their character, their values. They want and crave destruction....of everything, of everyone. Their end state is death, destruction. So what dialogue do you sit down and discuss with this person, with this group? Let me know, I'll give it a shot. Some ask about North Korea. Kim Il Jong is another egotist. He is a threat in that he wants attention for himself. North Korea has been a threat since 1955. Let's look at this, he ain't going anywhere.
At the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the peace activists were shouting, "No war for oil!!" Where is that slogan now? It vanished, why, because it was proven to be invalid. We haven't taken over the oil fields, we are attempting to make them vital and split the rewards up between the three sects in Iraq.
Our enemy isn't one particular race, religion, country, it's an ideology of death and destruction. I have had this discussion with many other soldiers, American, French, British. We aren't at war with Afghanistan, or with Iraq. The people of those countries aren't the enemy. Some of them are, but the majority of those we are fighting are from many different countries. Turning Iraq and Afghanistan into parking lots won't solve the problem. There isn't an easy solution to be found. Doing something is better than doing nothing. We can bring home all our troops, then what? We can build the Great Wall of China on the Mexican border, then what? The terrorist we fight today won't be satisfied. They won't lay down their arms and go home to their families, they will come after us, as they have done in the past, our embassies, our ships, our country. I read again tonight the comparison of World War II to the War on Terrorism. We won that war in five years, what's wrong now. Again, let me throw 16 million American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines at this problem, and I'll bet you we get it done too. Do you remember how we got into WW II. The war was waging long before December 7th. Pearl Harbor was our invitation to that war. Japan struck at us, yet we went after Germany too, why? Because the Axis network included Germany. We have to identify as many players in this as possible, and determine who is in it now, and who is on the bench. That's what we have done. I don't want to call this a game, because it isn't, but I'm cursed with those da#% analogies. Another argument is "This isn't a popular war!" I'm sorry, did I miss something? Who thought any war was popular? As I said at the beginning of this post, don't come to a debate if you aren't willing to listen and exchange. These are my views, I will respect your views too. Bring me your solutions, tell me a viable way to solve this problem we are facing today without war.


Sarge Charlie said...

Nothing to add, great job Dub, thanks.

Stay safe

DariDonovan said...
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DariDonovan said...

It always worries me when I find a great blog by an active duty soldier and they suddenly stop posting. As you said, I hope it is a sign they have returned home safely. But, you never know and it always gives me an eeerie feeling.

Stay safe & alert Sgt Dub. Godspeed and thank you for your service.

P.S. Sorry about the deleted comment above. (it was mine) I should know never to comment BEFORE I have had my coffee cause I get all screwed up, lol.

MrsDub said...

Great post! Let me start by saying that I'm against this war (and any war). I'm actually against my family living on separate continents. I'm against my husband being a target for terrorists. But, this is what we signed up to do. Although I didn't think you enlisted in the "International Guard", it is our duty to protect America. Vietnam was before my time, but I've seen and read stories of what it was like for the soldiers. How can someone say they don't support the war, but they do support the troops? I don't believe the two can be separated. I was really upset about the peace rally with Ms. Fonda as their leader. My blood pressure is rising, so I better stop now. I'd be interested to know just how many of the peace activists have links to the military? Do they actually have a dog in the fight? As for me and my family . . . BRING IT ON!

Sanni said...

Great post! Thanks a lot for sharing - "This isn´t a popular war!"
I couldn´t believe what I´m reading. A popular war... that sounds more than weird to me...

To make a long story short: I agree to your opinion!

Habe a good and safe day!

Sunni Kay said...

I really aenjoyed reading this. I agree whole-heartedly with all that you have said here. Thank you for helping me feel a bit more normal. Stay safe!

PaPa Phil said...

You know it's a shame that hundreds of insurgents can gather for a surpise attack on Najaf, Iraq and we don't find out about it until just hours before they start. And if the attack were successful it would have dramatic ramifications for the entire region. Thank goodness it was fought back.

But when the U.S. wants to plan a special offensive attack we have to debate it in Congress for two months and spell out exactly what we are planning. We must allow the "do-gooders" their time on the podium. That way the insurgents can make their plans well in advance for what they are going to do as a counter-attack.

They call this freedom of speech and that's fine. But let's put some common sense to the issue so that our fighting troops have the very-best chance to win the war.

Jane Fonda and Sean Penn are just stupid windbags. But our elected politicians should be smarter than that.

Maryfly said...

this was a great read and I appreciate your insight. stay safe

Linda said...

This was a very well written post and one that I agree with completely. I have never in my life understood the logic of supporting the troops but not supporting the war. Nor have I ever really understood the term "a popular war". Popular? You're kidding me, right??

My father fought in Korea and he fought again in Vietnam. He didn't enlist to go to war, he enlisted to serve his country and he did so for a very distinguished twenty years. Were it not for men like yourself, Sarge Charlie, and my Dad there's a good chance I never would have been able to sit here in the comfort of my home and type out my opinion to pretty much anyone who wants to read it.

I know it's very cliche to say that "Freedom isn't free" but it's also very true - it isn't. I am sick to death of people using this war as a platform to make themselves look better (particularly political candidates), I am sick to death of a Congress that won't support its own troops, and I am sick to death of the media picking and choosing only that which they want us to see in order to fulfill their own agendas. War isn't popular but it seems that those who oppose it are and that's just not right.

Like yourself I have voted for both Democrat and Republican alike in every single election I have ever voted in. I have voted for the person(s) that I thought had the best interest of the entire country at heart and not just the agenda of their political party because to vote a party line is to sell your constituency out in my opinion.

I have never met you and most likely never will but you have become familiar to me and someone that I care about through this world of blogging that we all share. May God keep you safe and bring you home to your family as soon as possible.

Sorry for rambling ...

Sarge Charlie said...

All the comments are well said, I will bare my sole here on dub's site, I voted for Jimmie Carter twice, now That was a youthful indiscretion.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi sarge. it's me bee. sigh. this is a very powerful post and i thank you for taking the time to state your feelings and i respect them. and mrs. dub, honey right on!!! bee

Travis said...

Thank you Sarge.

Thank you for allowing the possibility of disagreement. Thank you for inviting debate with respect and tact. Thank you for not calling those who disagree idiots simply because they don't think as you. Thank you for stating what you believe and why you believe it with such class and dignity.

Thank you.

Gene Bach said...

OUTSTANDING post Sgt. Dub! You definitely have a solid understanding of the things at hand.

I have added a link to your blog on mine. Thanks for the great read and I will definitely be back.


Desert Songbird said...

With all due respect to you, SgtDub, and to MrsDub, I think there is a distinction between non-support for a war but support for the troops involved. You may not agree with me, and I respect that, but this is my very humble opinion.

I have been accused by others of being (simultaneously) a war-monger and a pacifist. I'm neither. I am the product of a family with a deep military history that understands that duty, honor, and code are not dirty words.

I doubt anyone likes war, but many see the need for it at times, and once engaged, it's not a simple thing to retreat and totally withdraw.

We have indeed learned some lessons since Vietnam, but it is demoralizing for the general America public to hear daily of yet another 10-20 American casualties in a war that has so many complex issues (not that war is a simple affair). Your stories from the front line give us a clearer picture of the successes of this engagement and the necessity of stabilizing an area of the world where constant conflict affects us ALL.

I detest war, but I understand it is necessary at times, and I absolutely support and thank all of those who do what I do not -- put their life in jeopardy so that I can sleep in peace, bathed in freedom.

Stay safe.

Michael C said...

One of the best posts I have EVER read and I too started blogging in June. Thank you for sharing your views. It was fantastically written!!!

DariDonovan said...

Sgt, I read Mrs Dub's post about direct linkage to the Military by peace activist and I wanted to reply respectfully but also directly to her comment above.

I am a Military brat raised on Army bases all over the world. I am a Military Mother with a son and daughter-in-law both in Iraq at this time.

I also have an "adopted" soldier through the "Adopt-A-Platoon" program whom I have supported both morally and spiritually for over two years. I have met him and his family and he is in Iraq currently for his 3rd TOD.

Yes, I am a peace activist. And no, I do not support the war. However, I do support all our troops and did even before my son enlisted.

I understand their mission, their goals, and their duties. Military life is all I know. What is hard for me is the number of those lives lost. I have attended over 60 soldier funerals since Operation Iraqi Freedom began. And the feeling is the same at every one.....there is nothing natural about buring those we love and I feel for these families and those who died fighting for a cause many never understood.

I used to DJ over at War Radio and even visited Kuwait in 2003 interviewing over 25 soldiers. Many believed they were there because of 9-11. Or that they were there to seige WMD's which I still believe never existed.

Mrs Dubb, I hope you will read my comment as it is mean't. (respectfully). I just wanted to share my personal lonkage to the Military since I am a peace activist. Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts.

DariDonovan said...

Sorry for any typos above, my cat is dancing across my keyboard at the moment.

MrsDub said...

I appreciate Daridonovan's point of view, and thank her for sharing it openly and without anger. I know SgtDub wants everyone to "get along", and it is hard to say how you feel without offending people. Although we have different opinions about the war, we both have loved ones in the conflict. I feel it is my responsibility to support SgtDub and all the soldiers, and I feel that the only way I can do that is to support the President and his decisions. I guess everyone should get out there and register to vote and make their voices heard at the polls. Anyone who fails to exercise their right to vote, should just "zip it".