Tuesday, January 30, 2007

30 January 2007, It's Tuesday!
Now I did a tag meme here last week and I answered that Tuesday was my favorite day of the week. Some of you were intrigued. So, the reasons are:
1. It isn't Monday
2. It's my Friday back home on the police department. We work 8 days on and have 6 days off. So my shift is from Tuesday to Tuesday. Then I get the following Wednesday through Monday off.
So there you have it, I was going to try and do the "Top 10", but I'm not that creative.
We finished the wall in the conference room, and put up the marker board that will double as a projector screen. We are waiting on wiring to put the projector ceiling mounted. LTC Y just stopped by my desk and said he wanted it all ready to watch a movie after work tomorrow. Hmm, ok Sir.
Today is actually going to be a short post, guess I used most of my words yesterday. I want to say thank you to everyone out there who continues to show your support for me and my fellow soldiers. Be safe and have a good day.


MrsDub said...

Happy Tuesday and by the way . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!!!!! Just in case your readers weren't aware of that. When asked what SgtDub wants for his birthday, the top 10 things would be (10) Sonic Cherry Coke, (9) Burnt steak from Cattlemen's Steakhouse, (8) Tractor with implements, (7) Coit's chili dog (for breakfast), (6) 2500 HD Chevy Pick up truck with all the bells and whistles, (5) more land, (4) more horses, (3) horse trailer, (2) Big Barn and hopefully his #1 wish would be to spend his birthday at home with his family. Let me know if I missed anything. Love & Miss You x0x0x0

Desert Songbird said...

Hey, Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I didn't know - how cool that we share the same week!

Hope you get your wiring done so that you can enjoy your movie.

I'm with you on the steak and cherry Coke - yum!

Keep safe out there, Sarge.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

never been to sonic! sadly there is not one i either podunk or west palm. seems like every time we pass one somewhere else the timing is off or some other dumb reason, but i'll stop next time i see one and have the cherry thingy for you dub!

and exactly how old will you be tomorrow sgt? now if i can tell you i celebrated my 60th, surely yours cannot be too secret, huh?

big smiles, be safe, bee

DariDonovan said...

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your interest in TJ's Journey. I do not know the young man personally, but what a great cause huh? Thanks again Sgt. Stay safe!

MrsDub said...

Dub's as old as the "Super Bowl", but he's still younger than me (drats!)

Odat said...

Thanks for explaining why Tuesday is your favorite day.
My brother's (who has passed on) birthday is tomorrow too! maybe there's a connection here somehow.
I hope you get all the presents you've wished for.

PaPa Phil said...

Since it's already Tuesday where you are.........a special Happy Birthday Greeting from Mr. and Mrs. Papa Phil

Love ya man!!

And upon your return.......will meet you at Cattleman's again for that special steak and calf fries! Oh don't do the calf fries, ha!

Sanni said...

I prefer Tuesdays, too. Mondays are way too fast paced in my part of the world.

Stay save and have a good night =)

Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said...

Hope you've enjoyed your Tuesday even if you were working! Happy Birthday from Canada, eh!

MOM AT HOME said...

And here is your HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Nana and Papa. we would love to send you a ticket home or a check for the barn, but I Don't think I can right now; so this blessing is it for now. love MOM

ShadowFalcon said...

I'm with you I like tuesday :-) it has a happy feel to it

Skittles said...

You be safe, too!!!!

Sarge Charlie said...

I sure am happy it is not Monday, oh well, retired people do not care what day it is.
Hope you had a good movie, stay safe my friend.

Sanni said...

*mi mi mi mi*

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear SGT DUB, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu!

Have a great and safe day - may all your wishes come true =)