Saturday, January 20, 2007

20 January 2007, Dating Comeback Challenge.
It has been a challenge too. Mimi from Mimi Writes, also has another site where she lists 10 statements people wrote trying to get dates. The spelling and grammar mistakes are left alone. Mimi then sends it out to us to make up comebacks. Due to the events earlier this week, I missed the deadline to submit my responses. I have listed them here today. For the rest of the field and their scores, check them out here.

So, here we go.
1. I am devorced but not better. Life is to short to be better. I try to look at the brieght side of things.I have not dated for 19 years so this is a strang feeling but good.
Do Do Dee, I’m sorry, you’ve reached a number that is no longer in service.

2. Oh, and the picture of the little boy is me when I was 5. Yes, that is an expert level lego for ages 16. That has been my primary source of pride throughout my life. When you said you were in construction, I thought you meant a paying job?

3. You must be within 25 miles of my city!! Why 25 miles? Because it's divisible by five. That's a reasonable distance to jump in my car and meet up and do stuff. Drat, I just check my mileage and I’m at 27 miles, well, good luck.

4. My best feature is my smill my highthim 6'3" tall and I shave my head.
Your worst feeture is yur spilling, and I think you are shaving too closely.

5. Well? Are you just Going to Stand There? No, just going.

6. I'm an easy going guy that aims to please and doesn't require much maintenance. The type that can take structural criticism without getting my feelings hurt.
Well then, let’s get started on that criticism.

7. All these heads and games what a waist.
I take it you work in a ‘body’ shop.

8. The simple thinks are the most important to me.
Yes, I can see we will need to keep this very simple.

9. Single guy looking for someone who is comfortable sitting at home or going out. Someone not worried about whether people see them dirty. My likes are wide. Yes, I’m quite fine sitting at home or going out. Send me a post card sometime.

10. Hi, I guess to make sure we are on the same page. I do not play head games, and want a relationship based on lies, or drama!! Well, I’d love to go out but I’m washing my hair, and then…Oh My Gosh, there’s a dead body in the bathroom, I’ve gotta go.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you'd love to go but you're washing your WHAT??? sigh... you and sarge charlie are delusional my friend... smiles. be safe, bee

Skittles said...

LOL.. those were great!

MrsDub said...

"By the way, my friend is too old for you and besides that, she's married!" You fell for that one (hehehe)

Sanni said...

I love the challenge - so much fun!

I´m sorry for my "disapperance" - my internet-connection didn´t do it´s job. Sometimes we had a dial-up connetion for a few minutes, sometimes nothing.

Broadband is back - and so am I =)

Have a nice and safe weekend

Travis said...

ROTFL Sarge! Great answers!

Odat said...