Thursday, January 04, 2007

04 January 2007, Running behind.
My day has been a little busier than normal, but only enough that I'm just a little behind my normal schedule. All things considered, it still isn't that bad. I figured since a lot of new people are reading this blog now, and I do appreciate it, I would take a moment and explain a little more of what we are doing here. Currently there are several levels of operations here in Afghanistan. Our mission at Camp Phoenix is the training of the Afghanistan National Army and more recently started training the Afghanistan National Police. With the Army we established a basic training center where all new recruits go. Upon completion some are sent to officer's training course or non-commissioned officer's course. Once this is complete the unit or Kandak is assembled and given a location to operate out of. The country is broken down into corps. Once the kandak is put together, MTTs (mobile training teams) or ETTs (Embedded training teams) are assigned to the kandak that go down range. The ETTs stay with the new formed and trained unit and assists them in carrying out more training and actual operations. This mission started in 2002 with the Special Forces, followed by the 10th Mountain Division, then was handed off the the National Guard units. I was with Oklahoma National Guard in the 2003-2004 rotation, and then came home. Indiana, then Florida, and now Oregon is here now for the 2006-2007 rotation. Oregon National Guard is a sister unit of Oklahoma along with Arkansas making up the 7th ID. Camp Phoenix is located in the capital city of Kabul. ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) is responsible for the security of Kabul on the international side. Afghanistan is also responsible for the security here between the police and army forces. In the communities surrounding Camp Phoenix we are allowed to assist with some reconstruction, building schools, water wells, clinics and mosques. We also put on medical clinics assisting the locals and helping with their medical needs. We get donations from all over the U.S. and give these to those who will best put them to use. Our soldiers from Camp Phoenix are spread throughout the country. Although Kabul is relatively safe there are still insurgents attempting to discourage us and discredit the Afghanistan government. You don't get much media coverage on the good things happening here in Afghanistan or in Iraq. This is a shame. Let me assure you that even though there are problems, there are definitely results that can be seen. I am proud of what we are doing here and can hold my head up high. Afghanistan will not be an overnight fix. This country is much like Germany or Korea after their respective wars. It will take time and money and faith, but I believe the people here are worth it. I have heard that the old king's palace was demolished yesterday. In it's day, it was a magnificent building, but progress is needing to be made now.
Be safe and have a good day.


Dixiechick said...

Sgt. Dub,

Thanks for giving us an idea of what y'all are doing. No, the media DOES NOT tell us the good things that are being done only the bad and what THEY want us to hear.

This also helps me some because I know, more than likely, that as soon as my son is out of Boot Camp and AIT that he will probably be shipped over. It will ease my mind thinking that he will be doing something good.

Stay safe and as always the troops are in my prayers for safe return home soon.


Odat said...

Wow...I give you a lot of credit...
Keep up the "good" work.

Lizza said...

Thanks for enlightening us, Sgt. The reconstruction sounds challenging and interesting. Stay healthy and safe!

Sarge Charlie said...

If you do not know, I had a problem with my Blog today. I have opened a new blog. I have made a new post on the new site, a link is provided on old site.

Will be back to read later, this day sucks

Wade Huntsinger said...

Of course the media will not tell of the good things. They have been aginst this and everyone who supports it from the beginning. If things were working out to the good it wouold make them look bad. Anyway, I am not a big fan of the media. Thank God for the internet, where we can find what we want and when we want it. There is nothing greater than to know you are doing a good work and helping people experience just a taste of what we have fed upon our whole lives. GO ARMY

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i just love it when a soldier talks all "letter stuff"! the mtt's or ett's and the isaf's.... keep on sarg! what is really so funny is when you get away from it and the soldier is so used to hearing it that it sounds normal to him.... i just love that stuff!


Travis said...

I appreciate you laying down the positive work you do. No matter what side of this issue you live on, it's clear that the commitment of our Soldiers, Sailers, and Marines remains rock solid.

Sarge Charlie said...

Now you know the secret dub, ETS, DROS, TDY, MP, XYZ, MNOP, FDR, EFGH, I talked that stuff to Miss Bee, she though I was talking dirty to her.

Stay safe my friend.

Michael C said...

It sounds like you all are involved in a lot of great work! It must be a great feeling to accomplish the types of things that you mentioned.

Desert Songbird said...

Outstanding. Thanks for the reminder of all the good things our troops are doing, SgtDub. Even though we'd just as soon have y'all home now and safely, we do understand that you're doing great work.

Keep safe.