Saturday, January 06, 2007

06 January 2006, Now you know.
Mrs. Dub is like most wives and likes to tell those little secrets about their husbands that we just as soon leave put. Although, most times I wear my trials and tribulations as a badge of honor. Why? Because I am one of those people who can learn my mistakes. The first time I went on a snow ski trip is an example. Having never been on skis and already a ripe old age of 16, I attempted going down the big hill first, with as much success as you would expect from a first time run. I quickly decided to move to the bunny slope, where for the next few hours I just practiced falling down. I figured if I got the falling part under my belt and out of the way, I could concentrate on the skiing next. By that afternoon I was all over the slopes and still standing.
The example of my driving my truck into flood waters is another case. First, what no one in the family will admit was that I made it to the house. I just didn't manage to keep the truck at the house. However, within the year I was at Ft. Mclellan, Alabama in 1995 and the Army training me the proper way to drive through high waters, and I'm talking about an extensive course that included a 4 foot deep water tank about 35 feet long that we had to drive through. Lesson learned. I used this in the flood waters in New Orleans last year when we arrived to assist with Hurricane Katrina.
Now lets fast forward to today. Nothing happened, but I was completely trained for that too. I left the office at 1500 hrs and came back to my room where I spent the next hour cleaning and straightening it. Mrs. Dub will tell you that an hour is probably right for a room this size, 8x9. My big dilemma tonight is choosing between Ab Lab and playing poker at the DFAC (no money involved, just an MWR event). They start at the same time. Guess I'll let you know which way I chose. Be safe and have a good day.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well there you go talking in letters again!!! ha ha ha

and by the way, mrs dub is quite the little writer. keep encouraging her cause i think she has some real talent, okay?

and as for tonight, charlie would play poker, no question there!

be safe....bee

Desert Songbird said...

Hope you chose the poker!

Keep safe.

Sarge Charlie said...

Ok, poker, I supported my self during the early trip to Germany playing .25 limit poker pay day stakes. I had a regular place in the pay call line.

Miss Bee has it right about Mrs Dub, she is letting out some good information, but your response was also good.

Stay safe my friend

we were paid in cash back then, do they still do that.

SGT DUB said...

well, I choose poker after one of my LTs called and told me to get over there, since he's the one that drug me to ab lab anyway, I guess it was ok. I managed to stay in 45 minutes and won 3 hands, but alas, I went out early.

Charlie: All money is paid electronically now, going straight to the home account. Mrs. Dub has gotten real good at reading the paystub and let's me know immediately if there's a change, like today, she informed me we made an extra 36.00. With the overwhelming support for poker, I'll attend more of them, it's also much easier since it's not my money.

Miss Dub said...

Ab lab! Ab lab! Just kidding, go for the poker!

~Miss Dub

Linda said...

Glad to hear you went for the poker, I would have! Thanks for stopping by my blog via Skittles' blog (isn't the blogging community a great thing?!).

Also, as a Veteran myself and daughter of a Veteran - thank you for all that you're doing over in Afghanistan. And as a former police dispatcher - thanks for all that you do when you're at home!

Be safe!

Ruth said...

Hi Sgt Dub..I ran across your blog a few weeks ago, and am enjoying it very much. It's just to bad that everyone can't see life through your eyes instead of the media's. It gives me hope!!..I'm a daily reader now..keep it up.

Skittles said...

It takes a big man to admit he skis the bunny slope :) Thanks for dropping by today.. have a wonderful weekend!

Wade Huntsinger said...

When I was at Fort Drum I got pretty good at sking, then quite a few years later being the man fool I am I rode plum to the top with my kids. Of course you can guess the rest. I did great and it was all coming back to me and i was just cruising from side to side and then it happened; I hit an ice patch. Man, I scattered stuff all the way down. People felt so sorry for me they started picking up my stuf and bring it to me. That was my final trip to the slopes!

MrsDub said...

Knowing how you play poker, I think you should have stuck to ab lab. I love the way you tried to explain your flood encounter. I still wouldn't be in the car with you during a rainstorm. Regarding skiing, do you recall the time we went, and I came down the front of the mountain? Does it still count if I was strapped to the gurney? Oh well, maybe someday you'll take us skiing and I can try again. Although I prefer sipping cappacino in the lodge where it's nice and warm :}

Dixiechick said...

If it were me, I'd be playing poker... Texas Hold'em that is...