Saturday, February 03, 2007

03 February 2007, ARRRGGHH!!! Can someone please tell me what I said that would upset Blogger so much. Today they wouldn't let me log in. I finally gave up and went to Turnbaby's site to leave a comment just so I could try logging in there. It worked, but now I feel so dirty for using her like that, I hope she can forgive me.
Lt M scrapped up all the little notes he had reminding him of projects needing to be completed. It turned out to be a list so he had us working on knocking some of them out. It's moving along ok. We have a couple of vehicles down due to maintenance and I took one of the Specialists in the office and we tried getting something running. We managed to find the vehicle we were looking for, way in the back. It hadn't been started in a couple of months and we needed to jump start it, and then get a tire aired up. It's not running right at the moment, but I'll check it again tomorrow and see if I can getting it going.
Mrs. Dub and I talked this morning and she described her adventure in trying to move a round hay bail with my truck by pushing it. Luckily I feel trucks are designed to be scratched or scar'd so I'm not too worried about it. It's a 1994 GMC extended cab and has been pretty good to me. It's slowly coming apart and we think we will make it a ranch truck. I plan on getting a hay spike to put in the bed when I get home. The question now is whether or not I will get a replacement truck to drive. Mrs. Dub drives a Ford Expedition and we really like it a lot. I think we should replace it since it's expired it's warranty. Now, if she decides she can handle a 3/4 ton quad cab then I'll let her trade up. She can probably have the expedition again if she really wants. I don't mind driving any of the big three, Ford, Dodge, or Chevy. Mrs. Dub says no to Dodge just based on looks. As long as it looks something like this (adding the trailer I want too)
As you can see, the scenery also includes the acreage I would like and the mountains Mrs. Dub mentioned. Y'all are invited by for the summer once we get settled in.
I woke up this morning at 0400 and couldn't get back to sleep. I had heard that if you can't fall back to sleep within 20 minutes, to get up. I gave it an hour and then got up. I watch a movie until time to go to work. I'm hoping I sleep better tonight. I don't' like having to get up early and I sure as heck don't like getting up earlier than I need to just because I couldn't sleep. Not much else to report this Saturday, be safe and have a good day.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh i DO love a family that buys american cars!! sarge too! we like our lincoln pretty good, and it always seems to start, but honey, don't open your car door against it, boy doggie will sarge get you good! he calls it his mistress (well actually i call her his mistress) cause he treats her soooo good. even blogged about that once. have to dig that up for ys' to read when the war isn't getting in the way and all.

stay warm and safe dub! smiles, bee

the bro said...

Dub, you would have to beef up the suspension in the back to haul round bails. They weigh around 1500 lbs and the 1/2 ton will drop too far the haul. 3/4 ton minimum.


Rock said...

Sgt, I am farm deprived and even truck deprived, even though I drove trucks for my Dad in his plumbing business. What I mean by all this is I know my Grandfather had a farm in Michigan, but we kids never got to go there before he sold it. Plus, though I drove my Dad's trucks, even double-clutching, I never learned their nuts and bolts, which I wish I had.

Where we live, in Northern Indiana, near Michael Jackson's home in Gary, (Munster, Indiana), there were plenty of surrounding towns that had farms, but I never had occasion to visit one.

I finally visited a farm in Israel, on a kibbutz near Tel Aviv. Great experience.

Anyway, I enjoy your posts and keep up the good work, and stay safe.

Truth—The No Spin Politically Incorrect Zone

David said...

I don't think it gets any better than pick-up trucks and wide open spaces.

Desert Songbird said...

I love trucks, and I'm a city girl! I loved my "truck" (Ford Explorer), but now since I have kids and their friends to tote around, I drive the mom car (minivan). Oh well.

Don't worry about using someone else's blog to sign in. I've done it once or twice. Blogger has been wonky lately, and I hope today's scheduled outage fixes some of these problems. I'd hate to think I'll actually have to pay to have a blog site!

Linda said...

I'm more of a sporty car driver (I've got a Mazda 3S which is quite sporty) but I do love a man in a pickup truck!

Sorry to hear that Blogger has been giving you so much trouble lately. They seem to be having all sorts of problems lately but they also seem to be affecting some blogs more than others. At least they didn't take away your comment section again!

MrsDub said...

I want the monster truck with the spike mounted to the front end, so I can use it to push people out of my way!!! I'm obviously going to continue working in town in order to afford all your toys, so I need something to help my road rage. You know what they say. . . "behind every successful rancher is a wife that works in town". At $80 a bale for hay, I was afraid to touch it, much less ram it with the truck! We need to grow our own (hay that is)

Sanni said...

*Frontflip* I - am - allowed - to - access - your - blog! *backflip*

I´ve had so many problems during the last few days... I was not able to view blogs or to leave any comments when I was able to read a post!

My own as well. Cool trick "using" another blog =) I didn´t think about this... and I don´t mind DOING it next time =)

The picture makes me daydreaming...
the mountains, the acreage, the truck (I want, no, I NEED *LOL* a Chevy)and the trailor... *sigh*

I´m going to bring some "Bratw├╝rste" (German sausages) for the BBQ =)

Have a good and safe night!
I hope you sleep well!

Wade Huntsinger said...

hey sgt, i have a quick update posted, talk soon

Mimi Lenox said...

Hi Sarge! Everybody had trouble with Blogger yesterday. Very frustrating. Nice to see you have such pleasant things to look forward to when you get home.
Take care!

The Gamin said...

Let me know when you are settled in. Acreage with mountains = Heaven.

Dixiechick said...

Ummmmm Sgt. Dub, I don't know if Turnbaby is that forgiving.... I'll talk to her about that... LOL

*hangs up phone* She forgives you... you are very lucky... LOL