Thursday, February 15, 2007

15 February 2007, Well, I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. I did get to go "out" to eat last night. We took my two Air Force personnel out to the Thai restaurant for their going home dinner. We don't get ice in our drinks here so it's always a real treat to order sweet iced tea.
CPT C dragged me over to the gym today to lift weights. We started off with weighing ourselves on the scales first. CPT C was excited to find that he is now 6 pounds lighter than me. I haven't been to the gym to do cardio in 4 weeks now, and he continued working hard at it. I had been able to stay 1 pound ahead of him while we had been working out together. After this post, I'm headed to the gym to do my cardio, now he's my inspiration, (or actually, I'm just wanting to get 1 pound ahead of him again).
The weather has been a bit cooler the last two days, but over all still very nice. I took off from work around 1530 hours today and came back to my room. I left the door open to let it air out some and swept the floor.
I want to thank everyone who worries about me while I'm over here. With that said, I'll list in order of merit reasons I might not post for more than one day.

1. I forgot to pay my internet bill and have to wait until tomorrow.
2. An asteroid has hit the internet satellite dish.
3. I've actually gone home to surprise Mrs. Dub again.
4. Someone in our Task Force has died causing a communication black out.
5. Something happened to me, like breaking both hands and my toes are too fat to type coherently.
So, there you have a list of reasons you might not hear from me. Number 1 is the most plausible and has happened a couple of times already. But usually no more than one day. Number 4 was the reason for last weekend's break in my posting. I will possibly update you on that event when it becomes more clear to me. I don't forsee numbers 2,3 or 5 happening, so stay tuned.
Mrs. Dub sent me a valentine picture, and she's wearing her fuzzy Mickey Mouse ears, mmmmmmm, should I share it with you?
Remember that tomorrow is Happy Dance Friday and you should wear appropriate footwear. Be safe and have a great day.


Sarge Charlie said...

Sorry to hear about Number 4, I still have tears about Badgers Down......
It strange, I feel like I know these guys and am loosing part of my family.
Number 3 would be a great thing.

Stay safe my friend.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the death Sgt Dub. When my son was over there, they blacked out communication a lot and blocked all internet access when deaths occurred.

Thank you for letting us know you are safe and hope you had a great time at the Thai restaurant. I love Thai food.

Stay safe and alert!

MrsDub said...

Dub Phone Home. MissDub is under the weather, so we're staying home today, so call us at the house. She's got congestion, sore throat, body aches and fever - I hope it's not the flu. Gee, it would be nice if you surprised us, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Callie Ann said...

The president's on the tube this morning says he is sending more troops over to you guys. Thank you so much for everything you do. Please stay safe. Mrs. Dub and Miss Dub need you. Take Care

Odat said... can't stop posting, even for a day...go pay that bill ok???
Peace & see ya on happy dance Friday....yippie!!!

Dixiechick said...

Oh please don't be like me and become internet impaired... that was the most terrible week of my entire life... well almost... ;-) Pay the freakin bill!!!!

Stay safe and remember prayers are going up for you and all the brave men and women serving our great country.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dub,

I'm Cpt C's wife, remember me? I read your posts almost everyday. Sometimes I learn more from you than the CPT. Did the CPT tell you he has lost 50lbs since being activated? You guys keep each other motivated and we'll see you soon! Take care!!!!


I'm so ignorant about military life - other than what I see on TV - and I know that can't be real! We watch "The Unit," and NCIS and it's all Hollywoody. I just know that families are separated and as much as I love mine, I'd hate to be apart from them. I see guys on the news that have missed the birth of their babies and it breaks my heart. So even though I don't know about all the hardships and heartaches, I know you're all doing it for a righteous reason and we love and honor you and your families for it.
God speed,