Friday, February 23, 2007

23 February 2007, Not much happening today. They moved the ceremony for SGT Hughie to Saturday here as they had the first ceremony where he was stationed in Nuristan province today.
I'm actually quite tired and thinking about going to bed early tonight. I managed to stay in the office for most of the day, lately I've been running around a lot.
Many of you have posted about the way Congress is acting these days. I am glad to see that not everyone has lost their marbles. The Democrats, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid made grand gestures about changing and reforming Congress, to make it better. This would indeed be a modern day miracle as it appears the only thing on the agenda did they put it....yes, to "slow bleed" the troops. Yes, they support the troops so much they are willing to sacrifice them for their political gain. Now, this does not pertain to all liberals. Clinton and Obama are way too busy to even show up for work these days. Both are out on the campaign trail for an election that doesn't even take place for another 20 months. As Obama becomes the poster child for the Dems, let's look at this from a different perspective. Let's say a guy was hired to be the general manager of a car lot. Now, one week later he's telling you that he wants to be the CEO for General Motors. He hasn't proven himself yet even though he did write a book about cars once. And by the way, he hasn't been at work yet either because he's in Detroit trying to convince General Motors that he needs to be in charge. Hmmmmmm.
I do think we should take a note from their book though and start our work of replacing these people in Washington now. As you know from reading my blog, I try not to classify people in the Democrat and Republican labels, but more into liberals and conservatives. This comes from being raised in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a registered Democrat state, no doubt about it. However, the majority are conservative Democrat and proud of it. I looked at the National level when I was just a young'n and found that the Republican party was more in line with my own values. Oklahoma just doesn't fit in the National spectrum.
Regardless to how you are registered, it's now time to find true, honest Americans with sound values to run against those in Washington that wish to see us destroyed. Yes, that does sound harsh, but anyone who is willing to sacrifice our troops for their own gain, anyone who can't make a decision to solve the immigration problems, anyone who is weak on Homeland Security needs to be replaced. Representing the people of the United States of America is just that, representing. It's not about what you can get out of it. It's not about seeing that you get life time benefits and health coverage and retirement after working one day. It's about making sure the people are treated fairly, that everyone is treated the same, that we can continue to stand for what is right and just in this world.
It's time to get active in our future to make sure we still have one. Be safe and have a great day. Happy Dance Friday too.


Wesley Matthews said...

Great blog post today. Thanks for protecting our country.

You are correct, we need people that are willing to fight for the good of America and freedoms of the world. Many of the people in Washington are simply fighting for money in their pockets.

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Once in a while I have something interesting to say too. Check it out here.
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Sarge Charlie said...

It is a great post Sarge, I did not see the bears, that is funny.

DariDonovan said...

Excellent post Sgt, it sure got me thinking about some things. Hope you have a great weekend!

MrsDub said...

Do you need help getting down from your soapbox today? Wow, I hope you're not holding back - tell us how you really feel! I honestly haven't watched any news this week because I am so repulsed by that Anna Nichole crap and Britney Spears. Gag me with a fork! (sorry, I went retro for a minute). There is much more important news out there (i.e. the war) and that's what we need to be focused on and rally together to make things better. Come on people, wake up and smell the coffee! By the way, the funeral service for SgtHughie is Monday in his hometown. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. R.I.P. SGT HUGHIE

MrsDub said...

Correction, Sgt. Hughie's funeral service is Saturday in Poteau, OK, and he will be buried in South Carolina, where his wife's family lives. He is survived by his wife and 3 month old son.

Maryfly said...

*applauds* great post - hop on that soap box anytime! stay safe

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well now dub that was one of your best posts in my opinion! not that they are not all good mind you, this was just great!

i sure hope when you run for office you run as a republican cause i think if i pulled a dem lever i'd have a heart attack right there in the voting booth. of course i vote in palm beach county so what does THAT tell you?

btw, i passed by the fourth district court of appeals today and the satellite trucks are all lined up to hear what the outcome of the latest ans saga is, and i wonder why in the heck it would be HERE?

go figure...

smiles, bee

Ron Simpson said...

SGT D, I agree whole heartedly. I chose to be a Republican after many years of being an independant. I realized that my values were conservative and I needed to show my association.

Keep your head down and be safe.
BTW when do you come home?

Odat said...

Thank you for this...I will continue to stand for what I think is right and just.....and thank you for being there...
On a lighter note...HAPPY DANCE FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda said...

I live in Connecticut which is a very Democratic State with the exception of a few pockets of Republicans. It doesn't seem to matter who they are or what the candidates have to say, most people are like sheep and just follow the party lines but I am proud to say that the voters in this State had the guts to vote in an Independent this past election when we sent Joe Lieberman back to the Senate. His opponent tried to beat him on the basis of Joe supporting the War and even though he won the Democratic nomination, Joe trounced him in the actual elections because people decided to vote for the candidate and not the party for a change.

More of that is what this country needs. The two-party system needs to be abolished and people need to be elected based on their own merit and record - not because they have a party backing them up. I am sick to death of hearing about both Hillary and Obama and it's not even summer yet.

All I can say is that this is ridiculous - they're going to spend almost two full years out stumping for votes rather than doing the jobs that they were elected to do in Washington while they still get paid to be Senators and can vote on important issues that they probably haven't been paying that much attention to unless they think it's going to garner them a couple of votes. There ought to be a law against that sort of thing. If you're going to run for one office then you ought to resign from your current office while you're doing it. Your example of a car dealership manager was right on target and could not have been better said.

The United States of America needs to wake up and start acting like the country we once were instead of the mess that we're rapidly becoming because we keep putting the wrong people in charge. I don't think the current Congress has the best interests of the country at heart, I think they have the best interests of themselves at the very forefront of everything they do. I, for one, do not feel very well represented with the exception of Senator Lieberman whose one lone Independent vote probably won't count for much against the mainstream.

Okay, I'm done, sorry if I took over the soapbox that you were on today! I tend to get carried away when it comes to party politics! Have a great weekend and keep your head down!

PaPa Phil said...

All that stuff regarding Britney's shaved head and Nicole's decomposing body is "old news." This week we get to hear reports on the really important stuff.........the Oscars.

This is the opportunity for those folks that live in the surrealistic dream world of acting to have a forum to express their political views on world politics, the war etc.

I quit watching all of those award programs ever since Michael Moore shot his mouth off a number of years ago.

If we are going to honor people for their contributions on "prime time" why not honor our fighting troops?? Oh wait..........I forgot.......television programming is based on ratings!

Callie Ann said...

And now they are allowing all the Mexican shipping trucks full run of the United States. So much for Terrorists Control. Hmmm I being a very disapointed Conservative.

MrsDub said...

I do believe we're starting a "grass roots" movement! I won't watch the Oscars either, but I feel certain we will be bombarded with celebrity anti-war comments. The celebs need to realize that just because they have access to cameras, they should keep their opinions to themselves. I'll make my voice heard in the box office!


WOW!!! That's what I've been wanting to say but couldn't put in words! Excellent! The trouble with politicians is, they think they're celebrities and they act like it, too. Like Pelosi demanding a special plane and all that nonsense.
I won't watch the Oscars either. I don't give a rat's patoottie any more.

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