sgtdub: August 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

20 August 2007, Slacker? Me? Yes, it's true. More so than I wanted it to be. I start back to work tomorrow. My last 6 days off have been full. I worked a 2nd job on Wednesday evening from 830pm to 830am Thursday morning. I have decided to work this one for a few more sets of days off. This last week went a lot better having a 2 1/2 hour nap the afternoon before and sleeping for 3 hours afterwards. Recouped on Thursday, then worked another 11 hours during the day at another 2nd job.
Of course, Saturday Mrs. Dub had me booked up. We went to her grandmother's house to do some organizing for a future garage sale, then we went to a co-worker's house where two limbs from a 100 year old pecan tree had come crashing down. I didn't have to cut it up, but I did haul off a large load of it. Before arriving at the house to load the wood, Tropical Storm Erin had made it to Oklahoma. That's a pretty impressive storm. I was drenched by the time we had it loaded up, yes Miss Dub weathered most of it with helping load the trailer, with just a few minutes more, the rain came pouring down. We got it home and cleaned up. The storm decided to increase it's menace during the night. I was awoken by a drip of water on my forehead at 3am. A leak right above our bed and more importantly, right above me. I put some clothes on and went up into the attic. A PVC vent pipe from the bathroom was leaking around it's rubber seal on the roof and running down to the pipe till it hit the elbow then dripped right above me. I rummaged around in the garage looking for anything that might seal it from the inside as we were having 50 mph winds and heavy rain. I had bought two wax seals for the toilet in Miss Dub's bathroom. I took the extra back into the attic and began sealing the pipe with the wax, after all the wax seal is designed to seal out water around a toilet. Yipee, it worked! Mrs. Dub slept through the whole thing as she had taken a sleep aid earlier. We are so happy for her. Rain totals for Tropical Storm Erin in OKC went from 5-7 inches, causing massive flooding in the several parts of the metro area. Luckily, my phone never rang for call up from Guard or police.
I did manage to reach the 90% level on Miss Dub's bathroom. Hopefully, some time this week I will extend that to 100% and then take some after pictures.
Well, it's bedtime for me, I'll try to do better this week. Be safe and have a great day.

Monday, August 13, 2007

13 August 2007. It's Funday! and tomorrow is my Friday! Does life get any better than that? I just realized that yesterday was my military career anniversary of 13 years. How did I celebrate? Well, very unexpectedly, I had taken Sunday off from work so that I could attend a ceremony. Two of my NCO's lost their way while I was gone this past year. Seems they ended up in Officer's Candidate School and yesterday were pinned as Second Lieutenants. I was extremely proud of both of them. So on my anniversary, I had put on my military uniform and had a wonderful day.
This week has been busy at work but nothing too exciting.
We came into town to get Mrs. Dub's nails fixed so I'm stealing a little bit of time on the computer here, they have cable internet. Well, sorry this is so short, but I'm going to take a shot at getting to read some of your blogs today. Be safe and have a great day.

Friday, August 10, 2007

10 August 2007, Ah, Friday. Yipee. Of course, I get to work this weekend. See how positive I sound, "get to" instead of "have to". This just means that at least my scout car has a/c. The warranty company has "approved" the installation of a new outside unit, the company has received the parts and will be out tomorrow to replace the unit. This of course, will bring harmony back to our house.
Miss Dub starts back to school next Friday. Another Yipee! She just came in and read this. It didn't excite her as she isn't looking forward to High School level algebra. She's depending on me to help her with it, the kid is doomed. Ok, not exactly doomed.....actually I will take this opportunity to get a better grasp on the subject myself and then attempt to test out of it.
I am still working on Miss Dub's bathroom. Well, not exactly working, I haven't done anything since the a/c went out. I do have the toilet installed but have a leak in the tank, I believe it should be a simple fix.
Not much to report about work over the last two days, we had a homicide call this afternoon, I was in charge of the Crime Scene Log. Well, better go for now, be safe and have a great day.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

08 August 2007. I saw that New Jersey and Brooklyn had a tornado. When we were training at Mississippi last year, people from Oregon would ask us what we did when tornadoes are approaching. Being from Oklahoma, we have our share. We told them we grab a beer, the video camera and head outside to watch it. This somehow, never seems to reassure people.
On the home front here, well, our air conditioner went out last Friday and as of today we are still without it. Summer has finally set in and we are expecting to break 100 this week. Now, typically we break that in late June, early July, but this has been a mild summer thus far, mild in temps, but high in the amount of rainfall we have had. I don't remember a time when we still had green grass growing in August without having a high water bill. We are working with the home warranty people so it's a slow process. We were told today that the entire a/c unit outside will be replaced, as soon as it's approved.
I started back to work yesterday. Yesterday's lesson. (Wade, pay attention). When you are pulling a trailer with your semi, and your trailer has a height of 13 feet and 6 inches, you can NOT pass under a bridge that is only 11 feet and 11 inches. You can peel the roof of your trailer off like a sardine can, but you can pass under it. That was 2 hours.
If I had written this yesterday, I might have saved someone a headache. Today's lesson, if you are pulling a trailer that you have caused to be taller than 13 feet because you were too lazy to pull up the jack stands, then you still can't pass under a bridge that is less than 12 feet. Yep, that's right, two days in a row I have worked accidents involving semi's and bridges.
Well, time to go for now, be safe and have a great day.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

04 August 2007, It's the weekend. Just think, not to long ago I didn't even have weekends. Now I get two a month. (I still work the other two). Miss Dub went to spend the night with at a friends house, so Mrs Dub and I went out to dinner. We went to the Rib Crib, and afterwards walked through Lowe's. My kind of date.
Mrs. Dub said she wants to go to the Farmer's Market this morning, maybe check out some garage sales. Later this afternoon we are going to her office pool party. It's so good to be back home and have things back to normal. I've heard Mrs. Dub refer to it as being in a rut, but that's because nothing has changed in her routine that much. It's once again a new world for me and simple things like going to the grocery store with her are fun. Of course, I'm still wanting to pick up too many food items on impulse buying, but I'm getting better.
Wednesday started my days off. I had Miss Dub up at 6:30 a.m. and we had the horses saddled up to ride. I'm still working on getting my "seat" when it comes to riding. At one point the horse and I were doing close to "60 mph", Miss Dub told me we had broken into a trot. Well, it felt like 60.
Guess it's time to feed the horses and the goats, be safe and have a great day.