sgtdub: May 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

31 May 2009,

That's right! We are finally going to take that trip we have been putting off for far too long. As of right now, we are looking at going through Memphis, Birmingham, Savannah, and Charlotte with the return trip either going more north or south to cover a different area. Our objective is to visit several Civil War sites with Fort Sumter being the final most eastern point ( I think the ocean comes next, but I'm not for sure).
If you know a site that we need to see or if you just need us to stop by and say hi, give us a shout. No Wade, I haven't blocked any calls and haven't showed any missed calls either.

Ms. Dub feels this would also be an excellent time for her to get some massive drive time, what do you think? 10 hours behind the wheel as a student driver........yeah, me either.

Let's go over my To-Do List for today..

Slide down a pole at a fire station. Check.
Sit in the shade and surf the net. Check.
Break up domestic calls. Check.

Looks like I'm done for the day, do you think my Lieutenant will still make me stay till 5?


Be safe and have a great day.

Friday, May 22, 2009

22 May 2009,
Well, the youngest Dub just got her Driver's Permit this week. She took 10 hours of classroom instructions this last week and Wednesday morning, my first day off I took her down to the DMV and she took her written test. Now one of the reasons we moved out to the "country" was because I wanted back roads my little girl could practice on. So when we had a straight run to go to and plenty of daylight and no traffic we let her practice driving. Up till Wednesday morning, she was always reluctant. Kiss that goodbye, I can't get her out of the driver's seat. Hee hee, wait till she gets her license, then I'll just send her to the store and I can stay home.
The entire family will have 3 days off this weekend and we have chosen to paint the outside of the house and the shed. If you were wondering what you could do this weekend, just give me a shout and I'll give you directions. If we get enough people, we can start digging post holes for the pipe fence.
With this being Memorial Day weekend, a local contest was offered to veterans for landscape work. Mrs Dub decided to enter me and had to write an essay. She told me last night she posted it on her blog.
Well, not much else to report at the moment, be safe and have a great day.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

06 May 09,

Ah, sunshine, but apparently only for a day. As usual, I am staying busier than a beaver in a petrified forest, and making as much progress. In April, we went to the Oklahoma National Guard Military Ball. The Guard has been keeping me busy and I sometimes catch myself wondering if I'm working for the Guard full-time and the Police Dept part-time. I'm sure the Police Dept is wondering the same thing. I certainly can't say anything bad about either. The Dept has shown true support towards all of their employees serving in the military. At some point I'm going to have to get back to concentrating on my career there.
Last month I got to ride on bicycle patrol twice. We pick an area in our division that we want a little more presence in and then just work in that area. On bicycles, we are able to interact with the neighbors, business owners and people we pull over for running stop signs. Yes, nothing says being embarrassed as being written a traffic ticket from a bicycle cop. The looks we get as people drive by and see a mountain bike parked behind a car on the road and a cop in shorts. Hey, I can't knock it, I need the exercise.
Be safe and have a great day.