sgtdub: April 2008

Friday, April 04, 2008

04 April 2008, Ah, it's Friday. I'm missing work to be a weekend warrior. We are headed back out to the ranges to run one range and get the rest of our soldier's qualified with their rifles.
I took my patrol car to the garage to get the fuel pump fixed. The garage decided they would dig around under the hood and then sent it out for estimates on repairs. I'm driving a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria with 106,000 miles and hopefully in the fall will get a brand new 2008, where I will swap them out. Well, the garage came back with $1400 worth of repairs my car "supposedly" needed and it got deadlined this last week. Deadline means I don't get it back and each and every day I work I have to try and find a patrol car not being driven by someone else to use. This becomes tiresome quickly. It also means that each day I have to check everything in the car to make sure it works and it set to my standards. This came in play yesterday as I was attempting to stop a car with 4 people in it, one of which was wanted on warrants for a shooting. Well, the siren wasn't set as I would normally operate and instead of a siren blasting, I had the horn honking, but just once. This confounded me, as I was busy with everything else, and the other car wasn't stopping. We didn't go far enough to call it a pursuit, and within a couple of blocks, all four suspects jumped out of the vehicle while it was still moving. Two of them had guns with them. Two detectives and myself nabbed the two with guns pretty quickly, but the other two made it through the back yards and were picked up within 10 minutes. All four went to jail including the one we were after. Certainly an exciting call, but I could do without all the paperwork, hehe. Well, I better get back to playing soldier.
Be safe and have a great weekend.