sgtdub: September 2007

Saturday, September 29, 2007

19 September 2007, it's been a busy week and now the month is almost over. I just got up this morning and while Mrs and Miss Dub are still in bed, I thought I should take a moment and update. We moved 200 bails of hay this last week as we prepare for winter. I have what's left of two large branches from a pecan tree in our driveway. I'm hoping to get it split today and put up out of the way. The weather seems nice today, so I'm hoping to get a lot of the outdoor chores done.
Work news - I quit one of my part time jobs. This was the one that went from Wednesday night 830 to Thursday morning 830. We can't seem to get paid in a more consistent pattern. I finally got check #3 yesterday, after waiting 5 weeks. Check #1 was 3 weeks, and check #2 was 5 1/2 weeks. I am owed one more check and we are at 2 weeks right now.
Army news - Lt M has taken over command of B Company, formally known as the M.I. Company. The 1SG has been picked up by the 179th INF BN as a 1SG for the upcoming deployment to Iraq. His plans are to retire upon completion of this mission. With that, the 1SG slot became open for B Co. and I've been selected to fill the slot. I'll be an 'acting' 1SG until I can get my school done. That would be the school that got canceled twice this summer when we were returning home.
Miss Dub got her progress report this week and her lowest grade was a 94. We are definitely to proud of her, but give her more grief than anything because we known she's capable of doing much better. We did break down and buy her some Prisma Colored Pencils for her art class and her teacher told us that was great. She's working hard at being "the witch" for the school play, Into the Woods. We've had an hour here and an hour there that we have sat down and played the new X-Box 360 HALO-3. It's pretty good and we are enjoying it. I am trying to keep it in small dosages.
Well, it's time to start the day of relaxation with running some errands and doing chores, I fed the horses and goats this morning to allow both of them to sleep in. Be safe and have a great day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

19 September 2007, Well, we had our first drill this last weekend, keeping me busy from Friday through Sunday when we had our "Welcome Back" ceremony. Starting this next month, I'll be drilling back in Oklahoma City.
Work has been fun. Today we went to a house because the 8 year old boy refused to go to school. I had to see the parents who were allowing a boy to run the house. We explained to the parents the subtle differences between discipline and abuse and assured the parents that they could wallop away as long as they didn't cross that line. The 8 year old's response was to pick up a chair and throw it. This prompted us to assist the young lad into a pair of handcuffs and placing him in the back of a police car. Then he was driven to the school and dropped off. He had a much different attitude after we talked too him. His 11 year old brother decided to go peacefully.
Monday, I bought a newer truck. We have been looking since I got back. I've been driving my 1994 for 10 years and it was time to upgrade. Now, I didn't get the crew cab 3/4 ton I would like, but it's a 2001 extended cab Chevy and in very good shape. I took it today and put some new tires on it.
Well, be safe and have a great day.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

09 September 2007. It's been a good weekend. The Culligan Man came out and fixed the plumbing on Friday, around 1030 that morning. I took the day off and relaxed. I picked Miss Dub up after school took her shopping for pajama's and a new toilet. The old toilet was still leaking so we decided to just replace it. Miss Dub went to a pajama party Friday night at the church.
Saturday I was back at work but it was a nice day and we managed to listen to the Oklahoma Sooner's game on the radio in between calls. Later that evening my Oklahoma State Cowboys wrapped up a wonderful evening with another win over a Florida team, sorry Empress Bee and Sarge Charlie.
Today was another good day at work. Then around 3 this afternoon, we encountered a man who had been diagnosed with mental health issues and also decided to get a meth fix. Well, it didn't fix anything. The car he was riding in swerved across the road and hit a large curb when he frightened his girlfriend who was driving. He became paranoid that everyone was trying to kill him and that we weren't the real police. Look, here's my badge, here's my name plate. I have the pretty black and white car. Well, I finally talked him into the backseat.....of my partner's car. Every time Sgt G wanted to get out of the car to talk "Mike" was thinking we were going to blow the car up with him in it. At one point, Sgt G got out of the car and I told him, "on the count of three, we both run from the car". Of course, we didn't do this, "Mike" was prepared to kick out the window and I had stopped him 3 times from doing just that. We finally managed to get him to the crisis center where they wouldn't take him until he went to the regular hospital first to get cleared medically. We had to call for a second shift officer to finish things up as it was time for us to be off the clock. Overtime is a dirty word in the department unless you can justify it.
We had another wonderful dinner at home that Mrs. Dub prepared, chicken and mushrooms over orzo pasta. She's been working on her cooking, Robin Miller, Rachael Ray and Sandra Lee are helping. We brought up the fact that I haven't had a hamburger helper in 3 months.
Questions about my rifle. It's a DPMS AR-15 M4. It's the civilian model in the essence of being a semi-auto one trigger pull, one bullet down-range. I really don't need a 3 round burst or full auto, they're fun to shoot but not practical. I'm hoping to get to the range next week to get the sights adjusted and zeroed.
Well, be safe and have a great day.
Well, be safe and have a great day.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

06 Sept 2007, Good Day, Bad Day. Well, I thought I was having a good day. I called the gun store and finally, my rifle had come in. It's only been 4 months since it was supposed to be in my hands. Now I have an M4 just like the one I deployed with, minus the cool tools to put on it, (don't tell Mrs. Dub yet, but I plan to get some). That was the good part of the day.
We came home after a long day at work and had dinner. Then we ran to Mrs. Dub's grandmother's house where we did some packing and brought a car load home with us. We are in the process of selling the house and contents inside as Grandma V is living in assisted living now. We enter our garage.....the Bad day......I see a stream of water coming from the front of the garage to the driveway. I follow it up to the water softener and begin feeling of the PEX water lines connected, when all of a sudden.....the pipes burst and begin shooting water everywhere. Mrs. Dub quickly runs to the breaker box, (I was very impressed with her quick action) and I turn the shut off valve on the softener. The copper elbows had virtually disintegrated right before my eyes. This is the second plumbing job since I've been home that is requiring PEX tubing and crimping. I'm seeing a pattern in which I may need to spend $150 to buy the crimping tools and components to fix this myself and then any new plumbing problems I can also fix. A house call by a plumber runs the same $150 but I have to pay it each time. Guess I'll be taking some time off in the morning.
I'm also at 98% on Miss Dub's bathroom, but the toilet tank has sprung a leak again, so we may just replace the entire toilet with a new, not sure if she's worth it. I did see a 5 gallon paint bucket for $6 and she could just empty it each night.
Be safe and have a great day.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

04 September 2007, I am definitely getting behind in every aspect of my life. My apologies to everyone. Not so much that I haven't been blogging, but that I haven't been reading other blogs. I hate not keeping up with everyone I've come to know. Maybe I need another deployment so I'll have more time? Yeah, bad idea.
The last two weeks have flown, and we have been busy around here. On top of that, Mrs. Dub had her birthday last Friday. I meant to try and get on the system to make the grand announcement, but as she said, it isn't a milestone one. The next milestone will be in two more years when she turns computer won't let me type out her age. I knew she would mess it up while I was gone, oh well, it's in two more years.
Things are keeping me hopping, just when I get one thing started, something else pops up and needs immediate attention. There just isn't anyway to get ahead.
Mrs. Dub is doing fine at work, heck, I don't know, maybe she is blogging better than me, I haven't read hers in a while either. Miss Dub is back in school and just got the part of the Witch in the school play "Into the Woods". We think she might have been born to play this part. Overall, she's doing well, just wanting to test the boundaries to see what she can get away with, funny thing is, the boundaries never moved and were left right were they were on any other given day. Maybe she'll pick up on that sometime in the near future. Probably not, teenagers know everything and parents and deaf and dumb, well, I am deaf, sorta.
I hope to have more for you tomorrow. I must make time.
Be safe and have a great day.